Personality Profile: Danielle Colby of ‘American Pickers’

You don’t really expect reality TV and roots music to go together. Then again, Danielle Colby, the sassy co-star of History Channel’s “American Pickers,” never really does what’s expected of her anyway. Ever since we first published our interview with her last year, we’ve had a steady influx of traffic to it from eager fans wanting to know more about the tattooed tomboy and her many talents. So we decided it was high time to get back inside the head of the artist, burlesque dancer and clothing designer by asking her to fill in our blanks in the second installment of the YuppiePunk Personality Profile™.

When she’s not busy with her myriad artistic pursuits (which you can learn more about here), or keeping co-stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in-line out on the road, she can be found championing the music she loves. If you watch the show regularly, you’ve probably seen Danielle sporting a t-shirt from one of her favorite bands, some well-known (like Against Me! or Drive-by Truckers) and some not yet well-known (like Jayke Orvis or the Goddamn Gallows). And in hopes of promoting more of her favorite music, she’s partnered with indie label Farmageddon to release a limited edition CD of roots music that will include an exclusive autographed photo book as part of the packaging. “They are a bunch of beautiful broken souls that don’t really need any mending,” she said of the bands on the compilation, which is out April 12. “They’re all just at peace with life and the only thing they want to do is make people smile and perform — and I really identify with that.” The CD is available for pre-order now for $20 from the Farmageddon website, and includes tracks from Rachel Brooke, Graham Lindsey, James Hunnicutt and The Calamity Cubes. Here’s a song from the compilation:

Jayke Orvis – “Dreadful Sinner”

And here’s how Danielle answered our silly questions:

The first concert I ever went to was… My parents took me to a lot of concerts. I think it was probably Willie Nelson as a little kid. But the first concert I ever went to without my parents on my own was Living Color.

The last concert I went to was… Those Poor Bastards with Rachel Brooke and Last False Hope, who were way better live than I ever anticipated. Those Poor Bastards melted my face off. I lay in bed at night and dream about that concert. It was just such a great lineup. And I knew Rachel Brooke would just be insanely good, and she did not disappoint at all.

The shows I most enjoying watching on TV are…
I don’t have TV but I do watch stuff on my computer and its always “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Paranormal State.”

The best thing about being a reality TV star is… That I have a voice. And that people sometimes listen to what I say. And I can draw more attention to the things I’m passionate about.

The worst thing about being a reality TV is… Total and complete lack of privacy.

My karaoke song of choice is… “Barracuda” by Heart.

When I drink too much I tend to… Have way too much fun. I laugh my ass off when I drink too much. I’m a very, very happy drunk.

Getting tattooed is… Church.

My biggest influence as a designer is probably… A lot of my artwork is inspired by Frida Kahlo. There’s a girl named Chantel Bonaparte who’s insanely interesting. I found her on MySpace and I love her style and flair and she’s not anybody famous. She’s just this very artistic person that I muse over. She’s just a really inspiring artistic person. It reminds me a lot of myself. It’s cool to see other people out there who get it. Her and Frida are probably two of my biggest inspirations.

When the movie of my life is made I would like to be played by…
Janeane Garofalo. My mom always tells me it would have to be Janeane Garofalo. But I love her too and think she’s funny. And “Mystery Men” is one of my favorite movies.

I am really turned on by…

My favorite qualities in a man are…
Chivalry, respect, kind eyes, strong opinions and a huge, huge, huge … sense of humor.

If I could grow a mustache I’d sport one that looked like… Daniel Day-Lewis’ mustache in “There Will Be Blood.”

When people recognize me on the street, the thing they say to me most commonly is… “Tell those boys to give you a raise!”

My fans are… Inspiring!

True or false, I could take Mike Wolfe in an arm wrestling match? True times ten.

True or false, I could take Frank Fritz in an arm wrestling match? No, because he would play prison rules. Frank’s got a stockier upper body and Mike is wiry. Honestly I don’t think I could take either of them, but Indian leg wrestling I’d have both of their asses down.

The thing I miss most about doing roller derby is… Knocking a bitch out.

Because of “American Pickers” I am… Able to buy name brand tampons.

My biggest guilty pleasure is… [Laughs] I plead the fifth.

Someone I really admire is… My mom.

Happiness is… A choice.

One thing I wish I could do but can’t is… Sing.

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  1. James Hunnicutt says:

    You are amazing Danielle! :-)

  2. felipe says:

    wwoooooooooooooooow amazing. i’m from chile. i love you. XD

  3. randy mason says:

    u make the show im a big fan and u got a lucky husband nice pits.

  4. randy mason says:

    u need to be picking but no 1 can do your job

  5. shane watts says:

    Danni is the best and by far my favorite celeb I’ve ever met! U rock always!

  6. John Damon says:

    Perhaps next year they can change the show name to American “Pickers n Shakers”…..

  7. me says:

    You are a fox.

  8. Timothy Higgs says:

    Kiddo you Rock! You are my “Ideal” of a Woman!

  9. Tracy Rae says:

    the guys arrrrr great…& i love watching them pic…but …..i love your spirit and sass and freedom.
    coming from this California lady…
    i know youre not a lesbian..but i can dream

  10. john says:

    daniel you are the reason i watch the show you are a beautiful woman and you seem to have a good heart. keep up the good work. you are a foxy lady..

  11. brad asp says:

    U r my pick! ;) face book friend?

  12. custom logo design says:

    Wow its very cute and i like it, its pretty amazing.

  13. Jim says:

    Danielle, I am so into your tats but I can’t make out what the one on your collar is? Would you please post it on fb. or e-mail me ! Your man is 1 lucky sob

  14. wr says:

    I don’t normally like a chick with a gut… but there is not an inch on this chick that isn’t sexy as hell. AS HELL!!!!

  15. Matthew byler says:

    you are art in motion. Nice, thank you.

  16. Jason B says:

    Danielle, you are the reason I watch pickers. History channel needs to show you more. Your husband is the luckiest guy. When you and your girlfriend’s dressed up to clean the airstream, woooow so sexy. You look amazing.

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  18. chad says:

    Danielle, you are indeed a beutiful woman. It is unfortunate that there are people out ther who make comments with no reguard for the human being they are directed at. I hope that your husband is a good man who treats you well. God Bless!

  19. nipple rings says:

    love you and the show!

  20. BuckMatsars says:

    your so hott! Danni D your hubby needs to keep you satisfied all the time! your a beautiful Young Lady. Holla

  21. JCChrist says:

    What a waste of good pussy!
    It’s a darn shame that quality poon like her gravitates only to tuna pie. :-(