Top 10 Caught-on-Tape Celebrity Tirades

Hi, we've all been captured on tape flipping out

Kanye West’s recent rant
after losing at the VMAs may have made the rounds of viral video circles, but it was fairly tame in terms of the cream of the caught-on-tape celebrity tirade crop. Sure there was a bit of swearing, but nothing got thrown, nobody was fired, and nobody got called the N-word. Many of the following moments were captured on magnetic audio tape (look it up on Wikipedia kiddies), the recording device of choice for the time. But thanks to cell phones and Al Gore’s internets, these suckers can live on in infamy. We didn’t include the Hasselhoff chicken party, the DeVito lemoncello fiasco, or other similarly brain-altered celebrity recordings since they seemed more like intoxication than full-on tirades. We also didn’t include the angry Alec Baldwin daughter voicemail, but mostly because it seemed like a personal family matter, not because it didn’t fit the topic (wait, we have morals all the sudden?). So without further ado, please enjoy our Top 10 Caught-on-Tape Tirades.

10. A reporter apparently asks Hal McRae, head coach of the Kansas City Royals, the wrong question – make that a “stupid ass f%*#ing question” — which in turn prompts the hot-headed McRae to fling a phone, a tape recorder, and anything else on top his desk off of it – all while cursing up a storm and berating the journalists in attendance for doing crazy shit, like, um, asking him questions.

9. Jazz drummer extraordinaire Buddy Rich berates his band on their tour bus in between sets in a famous series of recordings. “You think I’m the only one that’s gonna work up there,” he yells at his horn section, “While you motherfuckers sit out there and clam all over this fuckin’ joint!?” You tell ‘em Buddy. You tell ‘em.
Buddy Rich

8. Paul Anka is pretty pissed off at his band too. But can you blame him? His band members seem to have had the gall to wear t-shirts on stage.
Paul Anka

7. Apparently making the film “I Huckabees” was about as enjoyable as watching the infuriating mess. In this clip, director David O. Russell completely loses his shit on Lily Tomlin.

Bonus clip: Tomlin’s still pissed off, this time telling Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman where he can stick it:

6. Whatever you do, don’t tell William Shatner you don’t like the way he’s reading his lines for this radio spot.
William Shatner

5. Or Jack Palance.
Jack Palance

4. Or Orson Welles.
Orson Wells

3. What happens when you’re a Waco, Texas radio writer who can’t quite put together a coherent sentence? You get unknowingly mocked by baritone badass Barry White, that’s what.
Barry White

2. Made famous by the group Negativland, this profane rant from Casey Kasem, is from an outtake from his American Top 40 radio program. In the outtake, an irate Kasem yells at his producer for having to do a death dedication to a dog out of an up tempo U2 song. Negativland was later sued by Island records, U2’s label, for releasing the song on an album whose cover simply had the letter U and the number 2.
Casey Kasem

1. The granddad of all caught-on-tape rants has to be Michael Richards‘ performance from the Laugh Factory comedy club. In the clip, Richards improvs his way out of a career with an N-word-riddled tirade, which is too bad since Richards was one of television’s all-time great physical comedians. But his anger got the best of him, and the rest is history. As is any chance of a comeback.

Honorable mention: And finally, though it’s not really a rant, it’s still cool to hear a president say “bunghole.” Click the link to hear LBJ explain to tailor Joe Haggar how he’d like his pants to be designed. You know, with plenty of room “down where your nuts hang.”
Lyndon Johnson

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  1. dean says:

    Man oh man. I’ve been telling people about the Buddy Rich tirade for years. I first heard it back in the 80s and wasn’t smart enough to make a copy, now I have one – thanks! Classic stuff, you should post the whole series. The clams… the clams…

  2. Mannythedawg says:

    That Johnson tapre reminds me of Bush’s own mini-tirade calling a reporter an “asshole”. Isn’t that the asshole calling the bunghole black (or should that be brown?) http://archive.salon.com/politics/feature/2000/09/04/cuss_word/

  3. Yushi Samagura says:

    Yushi got mad at man who fix pipe and yell curse word but sorry no recording available.

  4. bengal says:

    what about the dumbass, Faith Hill?

  5. Flaccidcat says:

    Great post. There is a William Shatner recording where he has trouble saying sabotage and fights with the guy in the booth about.

  6. image consultant says:

    People who’ve been in the eye of the media should know better! Maybe, if more celebrities read YuppiePunk they might not do as much damage their image, and earnings!

  7. ted says:

    I’d love to find a copy of the Baltimore Oriole’s manager Earl Weaver cursing up a storm on live radio. I recall him being asked questions by a reporter and he just goes off, albeit in a somewhat good natured way.

  8. joisy says:

    Kids!, Kids!!

    Calm down now and listen up. Almost every one of the preceding tracks is from a series of recordings called “Celebrities at their Worst” produced by Nick Bougas or Francis E, Dec. (an inside joke in itself). In fact, the volume with Buddy contains not one but FOUR excerpts. Now that I have listened to them once again, I really have had my respect for the phucker shaken to it’s foundation. Do the Google, do the Soulseek, or run to Kims Underground or go here:

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  14. Stone Cladding Guy says:

    Funny stuff! I bet they regret being caught on camera now!

  15. cavity wall insulation says:

    Yowza! great viewing there, so many epic fails!

  16. roof insulation says:

    Kramer’s rant really cracks me up! Great post, really funny.