Q&A: Danielle Colby-Cushman of ‘American Pickers’

Danielle Colby-Cushman is a hipster renaissance woman. Not only does she star on the History Channel’s freshman hit “American Pickers,” where she manages the shop featured on the show, but she’s a mom, wife, clothing designer, burlesque dancer and former roller derby queen. “Pickers,” an hour-long reality series about a pair of friends who troll Midwestern highways in search of barns filled with valuable antiques, has become a huge hit for the History Channel, racking up nearly 4 million viewers an episode, making it one of cable’s biggest shows. It was also picked up for a second season, which we’re hoping will showcase more of Danielle’s many talents. We caught up with the History Channel hipster via the phone as she put on eyeliner and got ready for work (at noon, no less), to get the scoop on the show, her many tattoos and her varied interests. “American Pickers” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on History.

How did you hook up with Antique Archaeology and how did the show come about?

Mike has been a really dear friend of mine for almost ten years — and he has helped me on all of my projects for about ten years — so I knew without a doubt, if he was a part of ["American Pickers"], not only would it be successful, but it would be kickass too. He’s just a really fucking cool guy. I didn’t really have any trepidation at all. I just figured if Mike’s on board I’m on board.

But the business existed before the show, right?

Yeah. Mike has been picking for 20 years.

And how did the show come about?

About five years ago, Mike began videotaping himself. He went over to Crazy Eyes Productions, which is a group of really kickass guys here, and they put something together for him that he put up on YouTube. So he started putting up YouTube videos…

Of him picking stuff?

It was more than just him picking stuff. It was also the personalities of the people who owned the places he was picking. And people loved it, so he eventually got a hold of some cable networks to see if they would be interested. He got shot down a couple times — and it was not the easiest thing for him to make it all work — but eventually History Channel decided to take a chance on it. They thought it was a great concept and they picked it up. And from what I understand — and I’m not really too familiar with the Hollywood end of it — normally they’ll only pick up six episodes. So they picked up six episodes and then ordered four more, and then turned that into 11. And we just got picked up for a second season for 26 episodes.


Thank you. I’m really excited about it. It’s working well for everybody and people are liking it. I think it’s really putting a good vibe out there for reality TV because a lot of reality TV is just soap opera bullshit and we don’t really have much of that.

So season two won’t have like 80 women trying to date Mike?

[Laughs] Well Mike’s taken. And not by me! There’s a lot of misconceptions about that. People think that Mike and I are dating, which isn’t true at all. I get a lot of emails from people asking if me and Mike are married.

Do you think that the show captures the reality of what you guys do?

There are a few things that I wasn’t happy about. Because it’s only an hour-long show, I think sometimes they don’t have enough time to really portray the relationships that Mike develops with some of these people and I think he appears at times to be a bit opportunistic. I suppose in certain ways we are all opportunistic, but he’s one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met. And I wish that they would show that dynamic a little bit more.

We first wrote about you when you sported an Against Me! shirt in one the episodes. Who are your favorite bands?

Going back to my childhood, one of the very first bands I ever fell in love with was The Pogues. The Pogues will always be fucking demigods to me. And I’ve got Irish heritage so it just works. But Against Me! is in there. Flaming Lips I have absolute reverence for. Butthole Surfers are great. Dead Kennedys. Guttermouth.

Have you seen any of those bands live? Do you get a chance to see a lot of live music in Iowa?

I got to see The Pogues and that was hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And I did get to see Against Me! My friend snuck me into Lollapalooza because I’m a starving artist and I couldn’t afford a ticket. And it was just an incredible show. That was the first time I had ever seen them — and I liked them before that, but that show was just insane.

Can you talk a little about your tattoos? How many do you have?

I have my knuckles done. I have a large one on my forearm — I have a lot actually. I don’t know if they really count as individuals anymore.

Do show producers ever want you to cover them up or anything?

No, they’re really good about that.

Where do you get your work done?

I have two tattoo artists. One is out of Clinton, Iowa and his name is Blue. He owns a shop called Sleeve Weasels. He did my collar and we’re still working on that. And then there’s a guy named Billy Hill that’s going to be finishing my back piece. He’s amazing. And then Chewie, she is out of Alex in Tattooland in Moline. She’s a really kickass chick. She did my knuckles and my forearm.

What does it say on your knuckles?

Hold Fast. And she’ll be finishing my left arm, which is all entomology. I love bugs.

How did your involvement with the burlesque troupe come about?

I owned a roller derby team and after three years of roller derby I pretty much tore my body up. The roller derby team I owned was called the Big Mouth Mickies, which was just a bunch of Irish girls that got together because we really wanted to do roller derby. But I think the shelf life of a roller derby girl is like three to five years. And so we really missed doing roller derby — and I’ve wanted to do burlesque for so long so I just decided fuck it — let’s start a burlesque troupe. And I own the troupe — Burlesque Le’ Mustache. It’s myself and five other girls — many of which are from the Big Mouth Mickies. Some are from the Quad City Rollers here as well. And then we have two emcees.

Where and how often do you perform?

We perform at a venue here that 80 years ago used to feature burlesque. But burlesque hadn’t been back in there until I went up to the guy who owns the theater and asked if he would take a chance on us. And he didn’t bat an eye. He’s from Austin, Texas and he said, “You know what — we have a big burlesque scene in Austin and I really think it’d go over well so let’s take a chance and do it.” So the Capitol Theater in Davenport, Iowa is our home. And we have one other venue that we work out of regularly. It’s called RIBCO — Rock Island Brewing Company. That’s out of Rock Island, Illinois. We have the large-scale theater shows, which are 1500 people at the Capitol Theater. We have those shows about every three months and then the RIBCO shows — and usually they can get about 350 people in there. We perform there a couple times a month. We travel to Chicago a lot too, because I used to live in Chicago and that’s really near to my heart. There’s a bar called Five Star there that we’ve performed at. And the Double Door is another great venue.

And do you dance with the troupe too?

Oh yeah, I do.

And there’s no nudity right?

It’s pretty close. My rule with this troupe is we wear pasties and panties. Some of the girls go down to g-strings, but I try to keep it as classic as possible — and girls back then just didn’t wear g-strings. But some of the girls do and it’s still super-cute. We stay pretty modest for the Chicago area, but for this area we don’t — if that makes sense. Because it’s pretty conservative here.

Have the producers of “American Pickers” expressed any interest in showing your burlesque stuff on the show?

History Channel has been very supportive of what I do. I think that they appreciate that I have a dynamic personality. I made it clear upon starting the show exactly what I do. I used to do modeling for artists as well, but I think as long as everything stays tasteful and it doesn’t get weird in any way I think they’re okay with it.

Would you ever pose for Suicide Girls or something?

I don’t really think Suicide Girls would be interested in a girl like me. Suicide Girls tend to be 20 years old and teeny-tiny little things with perfect bodies and that’s just not what I am about. I’m 34. I’ve had two children. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I adore the body that I’ve been given, but it’s taken a long time to get there and I think it takes a really special audience to appreciate the human form in all of its splendor.

Which is kind of what burlesque is about, right?

That’s everything that burlesque is about! It’s a celebration of the human form in general. And not just that, but a slapstick parody of the human form. It’s sultry and it’s sexy and it’s very revealing — and it definitely holds a wide audience — but it holds a wide audience more to women than it does to men because I think so many women see somebody like myself — and we have girls in the troupe that are up to a size 14 and we still want bigger girls. I think women see that and they see a sense of empowerment. They leave our show feeling like you can enjoy your body and enjoy your life and not take yourself too seriously and still be a sexy bitch.

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  1. George Kampling says:

    A very good interview and educational. Thank you Danielle!

  2. George Kampling says:

    How could I have made my previous comment before as this is the first time I’ve seen the interview. It was a good interview and I learned a lot. Thank you Danielle.

  3. blindjasper says:

    Danielle rocks! I was glad to see more of her in the last two episodes of the season and I am hoping that next season there is more of her. This was a great interview, I knew almost nothing about her from the show. What a great personality, and dead sexy too!

  4. karl reichold says:

    I have a few questions about some old and different things that I may be able to use your help with. Please contact me on e-mail so we can talk about these collector items.

  5. t johnson says:

    i have a 1956 dump truck and would like to know the value. any ideas? please email me back if you need more info. t johnson

  6. Nolan J. Burkett says:

    I have a PICKER emblem from a piece of lab equipment. This should go to Danielle.
    I need an address to mail this to.
    Thank you , Nolan

  7. bill says:

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  8. bill says:

    show us your tits!!!!

  9. Gregg says:

    An absolutely awesome program, with great production! PLEASE feature Danielle more, as her research and picker tips to MIke and Frank are my favorite parts! I know all my buddies at work and in the neighborhood are huge fans of Danielle too!!!

  10. Bill says:

    good interview and awesome pictures on your other sites…love the show….they need just a little more of you…. is there anymore black and white pics of you and your group?

  11. wayne says:

    Danielle makes the show worth watching. She could have her own Show!!!! Go Danielle we need to see her more !

  12. rick cataldi says:

    every one likes the girl next door and she fits it to a Tee. she turns us on because she is different and hot looking. she is at a level where most men can relate to, not snobish she does not act better then every one else and seens to have a real down to earth attude. I see the new ones are going to give her some air time , I hope it don’t change her and run every one’s fantasy

  13. Brandon says:

    Danielle, you are very sexy and I watch the show to see ya. You go girl!

  14. Bob Schiel says:

    I was in LeClaire over Memorial Day and live in SC. I met Danielle at the store and she is the most friendly and gracious person I’ve met in a long time. I also must admit she is very attractive in person! Wonderful Irish eyes!

  15. Mike Mytro says:

    Danielle can you find me a old new or used AC air filter. The AC number is 212CW. The filter was used in the mid-60’s on GM cars and trucks. GM made a few designs and I am looking for the first design. If you need anymore information please e-mail me. Thank you Mike.

  16. John says:

    Good interview with a very “original” smokin’ hot eclectic babe! The show is very good…but can occassionally develop a small a mount of monotony, Danielle breaks that up and adds a nice “twist of life” to the show and the guys persona’s. Keep it up! Also, there is a trade days the first weekend/monday of each month here at Canton TX. There may be some good finds there, but there should definitely be some good leads. It has kinda gotten taken ovver a bit by all the ladies crafts and junk, but it used to predominately be old farm equipment, old guns, old toys,…just about anything old and rusty.

  17. Mangusta Von Newley 47th says:

    This show Rocks ! Show more old motorcycles and old car buys. Thanks

    Ps. Danielle, You Need more air time and hit the road with your girl friends, do some picking of your own. let the guys sit at the shop.

  18. greenmeanie says:

    She is HOT.
    She could be a Suicide Girl in my book.
    I would date her.

  19. Hank says:

    Why isn’t Frank or Danielle shown on the Antique Archaeology website?

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    Hey Danielle,

    I think you are HOT and SEXY!! Would like to see more of you personally and on the show. While watching the guys during the show, I am fantasizing about you. I am not trying to come off as a sex pervert ( although I am a Scorpio ), just wanted you to know I am a retired aviation electronics tech and a Vietnam Vet with lots of Class and you are a really cool Lady. I rode Harleys for 25 years with some very crazy people and my main music has always been Jimi Hendrix. My White Stratocaster doesn’t sound quite like his but I love playing music and I once managed a kick ass rock & roll band here in Kansas. I collect militaria – I have WWI to Operation Iraqi Freedom in uniforms, etc. Mostly WWII with American, Italian, Japanese, and German uniforms, hats, and insignia. My centerpiece is a Black German SS Panzer Wrap from the Totenkopf Division. Danielle, you are a real Foxey Lady.

  21. Satchmo says:

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  22. Bigdad says:

    Good solid interview! ! !
    Thanks for opening up and showing the world what being a real free spirit is supposed be like.
    Can’t get enough of your attitude and energy.
    Proving once again behind any sucsessfull guy(s)…….
    Keep on smiling we’ll keep watching.

  23. Jim says:

    I’d bust a nut inside her butt and then call her my slut.

  24. Karen Smith says:

    Hi Danielle and Guys.
    I just love your show. I saw on the PBS Channel (Public Broadcasting Service) a 450 mile Flea Market, Hwy. 127. Goes from Ky.,Tenn.,Ga.,and Al.. The Corridor Mkt.

    In the Bottom Line booklet, for August, The Worlds Longest Yard Sale, was listed. goes from August 5, thru,August 8th. 700 miles on Hwy 127 from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. http://www.127Sale.com

    I tried to find an E-mail for you and I couldn’t find one I could use. I’m new at this so I hope it was ok to send this info.to you. Please E-mail me a good E-mail I can use. Would appreciate that.
    A Picker Fan

  25. Rick says:

    I watch the show just as much for Danielle as I do for the show itself. I have never been a big fan of tattoos on women, But Danielle is so hot it really look past them. She is very down to earth and seems to be a really nice person. The first time I saw her on the show I was like WOW man is she HOT. Would love to see more of her on the show and just more of her in general.

  26. Rick says:

    I watch the show just as much for Danielle as I do for the show itself. I have never been a big fan of tattoos on women, But Danielle is so hot i really look past them. She is very down to earth and seems to be a really nice person. The first time I saw her on the show I was like WOW man is she HOT. Would love to see more of her on the show and just more of her in general.

  27. Visa Journey says:

    Hey, this is a great show and Danielle adds the perfect ingredient.
    I wish I could find some great stuff like Mike and Frank finds, like that Knucklehead Harley that Mike bought for $20k.

  28. turdburgler says:

    What’s funny is the girl in REAL LIFE, is NOT original. She’s a theif and a liar. She is the most snobbish and rude asshole. She treats people (who are all beneath her) like dirt, and tells people that she is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a shame that a liar like this is on television. I live in this town and she has so many lemmings wrapped around her finger, it’s a shame.

  29. Joshua Edwards says:

    My name is Josh Edwards. I am an art and antique broker neer Tampa florida. I would love to see some more of Daniel’s work. I also had an inquiry on how to go about contacting someone from PR and ask them if they would be interested in visiting a really unique Historical that isa going out of business. 5 historical buildings aal unique and filled to the brim everything is for sale. It’s called Bobb’ys Historical Village in Coleman Florida If you want to check into it. It’s worth it trust me. Thanks

  30. josh tolbert says:

    my only question is why aren’t you shown on the show more. You are HOT!

  31. skillet says:

    i have alot of stuff that yall should look threw its all very old i cant seem to find a way to get ahold of yall 2 tell what ive got or send yall some pictures of all the stuff could yall possoble call or send me a number so i can send the pics i think yall would come down here for sure thanks alot !!! n keep on picking!!! americanpicker fan skillet

  32. Big Hulk says:

    Im just a fan of da show from Montgomery,Al..I luv ur style and what u brang to da show….. I also must add dat u r Super Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ted says:

    Classic POSER Why do ALL rockabilly girls look the same? Same stupid bangs tattoo stars and don’t forget your army boots with your grandmothers old sock hop dress. FAIL

  34. RobertDS says:

    Having lived in southwest Iowa (Malvern) over thirty years ago, I do remember how conservative it is, Danielle.

    I looked at some of the prior comments and would say that most were off of the mark. Because of your activities and your tattoos in your area, you are remarkable.

    My wife and I think that this season, you have lost some weight. Keep on being beautiful.

  35. usefulnotations says:

    Danielle is a poser. Get some Ink that the rest of the world hasn’t rocked already you lame mid-western wanna-be! Burlesque or not, you have no right rocking Sailor Tattoos when you are a garbage woman. Your ink makes me isck, I love tattoos..and people. But not people who steal others work and claim it thier own. Design your own before you flaunt your pathedis excuses in front of America.

  36. Tel says:

    I would like to respond to the hateful sh*t talk that the fittingly named “turdburgler” has spewed.

    I have known Danielle for 10 years and can honestly say that she is one of the most kind, genuine people I have ever met. She treats even strangers with warmth and compassion. Danielle is very talented in many ways, and her success is truly well deserved. She has not changed in a single way since the debut of “Pickers” and she continues to be the same gem of a human being that she has always been.

    So sorry, “Turdburglar”, if Danielle didn’t give you her number while out at some bar one night. Get over it and stop taking out your issues and insecurity on someone who does NOT deserve it.

    To all who don’t know Danielle, please ignore this jaded, misguided posting This person doesn’t know her very well yet clearly has some kind of personal issue with her and should be ashamed to have undeservedly dragged Danielle’s name through the mud.

  37. jeffrey a. may says:

    Haaaaa.to know danielle is to love her she is one of my best friends sweet genorous and as fucking real as they come dont try to lable her it cant be done the real people that know her will say just the same….and if they dont well then fuck em…..danny your a gem and thank you for being my friend when i needed one….I always have a smile on my face when i think about you….. you know who your brother JAM

  38. Annie says:

    Wow! I find it interesting the crap people will say about people they don’t know or can’t face in person. Get off the computer and find live people to talk to or about. It’s so easy to spew your negetivity into the world when no one can put a face to the name. I think it’s ok to critisize people but they should have the oppertunity to punch you in the face when your done. I’m just sayin
    Trash blogging is cowardice!
    I prob misspelled a ton of words why don’t you blog about my lack of intelligence to make yourself feel better!!
    Dannie I love you. If there is any one out there who has a totally original tat and that was never inspired by someone or something else, well god bless you…you really are better than the rest of us.
    One life, one chance Dannie good for you for going out and putting yourself out there.

  39. Cherry says:

    Some of the previous comments are beyond ridiculous! The funny part is these “people” can spew hate and lies all they want while hiding behind a computer screen, but face to face they would run away with their tales between their legs like the spineless cowards they are.

    That being said, Danielle is a beautiful, talented, warm and genuine person inside and out. She’s been an inspiration to me and many many other women. Love you on Pickers and you simply glow on stage with the burlesque girls. Keep doin’ what you do doll!

  40. cheeky rood (nicole kilby) says:

    Aw you guys are sad individuals…picking on a very good friend of mine. If you knew danielle at all you’d know she is an amazing person with a heart of gold so shut the fuck up. Why waste your time sending nasty emails. Dannie doesn’t imitate or try to be anyone else but herself.its actually hard to find a person like her these days. it really saddens me that you people are so ignorant… if you haven’t noticed every genre has a specific look. Bettie bangs just so happened to be a rockabilly\punk thing..and even now other genres are using it. And as far as the tattoo thing goes..the only sailory thing that I can think of is a hold fast. Her tattoos are beautiful and meaningful to her and designed not by her but by extremely talented artists. I’d like to see your fucking tattoos. Dannie has been a great inspiration in my life and has acted like the big sister that I have never had. So from a midwesterner…fuck ya’ll I’m out! Ha..love you dannie -Red

  41. Audrey says:

    I think that the people saying the negative comments must not know Danielle.
    OR did something to deserve a comment!!!! I’ve seen her show and American pickers.
    Awesome!!!! She has always been real and a very sweet person :D
    Some people are just haters, sad.
    Keep havin’ fun & best wishes Danielle!!!!

  42. Nicole says:

    turdburgler…really! You reek of jealousy. Seriously! In “REAL LIFE” your comments say more about you than Danielle.
    And to others who hate:
    The beautiful thing about Danielle is that even though you anonymously throw out ridiculous opinions about her, she still would be nice to you even though you are a piece of shit. That is how she rocks.

  43. Fellow Iowan says:

    I think American Pickers is a great show and what Danielle does is wonderful. I don’t understand how people have the right to judge her. Only because you may be jealous of what she has accomplished it doesn’t give you the right to rip someone down to make yourself look better because in all reality you just look like more of an idiot!!! Way to go Mike, Frank and Danielle and to the rest that Involved in this!!! Continue on your journey for as long as it may lead you keep showing us these amazing things and “Schooling” us!!!!! As far as Danielle’s “STYLE” that’s HER BUSINESS who are you to JUDGE!!! It’s her CHOICE! She chooses the INK she wants, she knows its FOR LIFE, her hair can always change, he clothes are just that CLOTHES leave her be!!! My goodness!!! GROW UP and worry about more important things!!!

  44. Angie French-Jaques says:

    Granted we were at the shop for a short time, but we thought she was very friendly. Her lifestyle is far different from ours, but I like her all the more for it for some reason. Lovin’ ya, Danielle, and hope to see more of you on the show and around town!

  45. Rick Danzig says:

    Wow….!! It blows my mind that ASSHOLES like TURD BURGLER are Allowed to Breathe Air…. What a Peice of Shit …you are !!…. I hope that someone finds out who you really are you TURD !!….You should get BITCH SLAPPED for discracing Anyone ..The way you did !!!! …Danny D… Even if she was to be Guilty of the things you IGNORANTLY displayed to the public…Which She Is NOT !!!! ….Who the Fuck are you to Condem someone publicly that way !!!!….You Gutless Worm !!! .Hiding behind your Computer Screen 11…..I hope that i see your ugly ass in Oxford Maine someday …. We will treat you like the Ignorant Scumbag that you really are ….

  46. tonysauction.com says:

    Keep it real Danielle! If you need a way to sell some of the antiques, listing is free on our Auction website! Or if you or Mike & Frank are interested in anything just sign up and place your bid!

  47. Storm says:

    I’m glad i missed the ‘turdburgler”, it’s bad enough reading all the other crap these guys are putting on here.

    I just want to say i love the show and i think Danielle really adds a nice touch to the show. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about her as well. Good job!

  48. JimmyVa says:

    Love the show, American Pickers, and YES, Danielle, you are HOT!!! Keep up the great show, and cool interview!!

  49. JimmyVa says:

    Turdburgler…nice handle, douche.

    Jealous, much?

  50. richard ( dick) martin says:

    im also a picker and have been for 25 years. i think you people do us pickers proud. alot of stores and collectors would be in bad shape without us. good job danielle fits in perfect with the two guys. you should let her go on a pick or two,you might find another asset in your shop. thanks for a great show. dick martin,of west coast pickers. p.s. stay off the west coast my territory

  51. Sammy Jean says:

    Lots of picking to be done in Maine!!! the guy down the road has 2 buildings of nothing but old gas pumps… happy picking

  52. RANDOLPH says:


  53. Artie the Guyism God says:

    id hit it !!!! show us that nice little pusssy and tits!

  54. BobReeser says:

    I have never been too interested in tatoo’s,,,,,,,UNTIL NOW!
    Wow I like your chest (colar) or what ever you call it. Classy, Sexxy, and a bunch of other adjectives!!!!

  55. SteelCurtain says:

    I am usually not one to post comments on sites like this which is somewhat interesting since I write. I also rarely read comments related to articles such as these, only because I am reminded of the denigration of society vividly on display by many of the meandering knuckle dragging Neanderthal who hovers over their keyboards shrouded by the darkness of their souls pounding out hatred and immaturity one key stroke at a time.

    Grow up people. Let you boys drop, and face the fact that personal attacks such as yours only perpetrate the reality that you have nothing. No heart, no soul, and no reason to steal oxygen from those breathing in life at every turn. How pathetic it must be to be you.

    As for Danielle. I don’t know her, have never met her, and probably never will meet her….but I can assure you from what you have revealed about yourself, she is a much better person that you will ever be.
    My last thought. It’s just depressing to think some of you procreate and pass your pathetic genes onto yet another generation.

    Go Danielle……don’t let these dweebs cause you to loosen your grip.

  56. kARL KNUEPPEL says:


  57. usefulnotations says:

    Turdburgler – RIGHT ON BROTHER! You got her pinned, adn all of you who are sticking up for her…are truly the fools. You have no idea the demonic presence you praise.
    I appreiate anyone who has the guts to call out such a fake! Kudos.

  58. Meredith says:

    Danielle, we love you!

  59. annie colby says:

    DEMONIC….. really?!?!?
    Wow that really that doesn’t even deserve a response. I can think of a few people who would talk like that but they too, like you, would hide behind a “handle”.
    It’s a wonderful thing to be able to know who you are and what you want from life. Demonic or not you are still loved diesel, lol

  60. gregory says:

    i think your a fine lady danielle,and a real pretty face,and a great body,( my dream girl) keep up the good work,if your ever in tennessee drop me a line or email, id love to check out your tattooes also,love greg

  61. QweenBee says:

    Come to S. Ark. We have your kind of stuff!!!!

  62. kool aid man says:

    I think frank and mike are gay together

    I think danielle is super hot and wish we could see more of her, naked if possible

    pretty please

  63. elias orta says:

    i found a kampfre bros.safety razor dated 1901.daniell ask mike who much?$$

  64. elias orta says:

    i have a glass clown that found buried along the famous rio grande river,texas.it dosent have a trade mark only finger prints.

  65. Steve from Davenport, IA says:

    Just wanted to say that Danielle is in fact entirely beautiful and she doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.

  66. whozit says:

    what a bunch of tools, turdburgler and his off spring! Danielle, you are soooo hot. A note to the History Channel, put more of Danielle on the show and less of those other two.

  67. YouPoorThing says:

    a fucking loser is someone who is so consumed with the success and happiness of another person that they search that person out on the internet, read articles about them, make hateful comments about them and then COME BACK TO THE ARTICLE 9 DAYS LATER TO READ IT AGAIN!!! HA! YOU FUCKING LOSER! do you not have a life of your own? at 3:36 on a thursday afternoon you were just hangin’ around your house THINKING ABOUT DANIELLE so hard (as obviously usual) that you decided to go BACK to an article you had read about her? oh my GOD you are pathetic! hahahaha! i am seriously laughing at you for being so transparently angry about the happiness and success of someone who doesn’t even know you exist. fucking hilarious. this is what you think about in the middle of the day? wow. it’s also very telling that the article came out in april but you didn’t see it until august. you know what that means? it means YOU SOUGHT IT OUT. it means that you went out of your way to look up articles about this person that you (supposedly) hate so much. HAHAHAHA! fucking unreal. i hope your life gets better. i really do. what a sad individual you must be.
    and because i’m not a fucking loser coward who is too SCARED to identify myself when i have something to say to someone…
    -Amanda Johnson
    Colchester, CT.

    do your thing, danielle. if idiots hate you then you’re definitely doing something right. keep it up. best of luck.

  68. Nhmedic12 says:

    Have a question about am Item I just recieved from my grandmother, 1899 National cash Register from a old Car Dealers, IT WORKS 100% It has business cards in it date and hand written from 1871. The register works and has many buttons and levers on it they say vulcanzing, oil gas, tubes etc. Heavy, saw the epiosde were frank got a register. I have no clue its value or were to sell something like. this, anyway keep on picking, I pick here NH and VT , Maine…. get back to me with any info you can nhmedic12@yahoo.com from New Hampshire
    Love ya show!!!

  69. lessdanielleplease says:

    I’m probably in the minority here. I find Danielle boring. I would actually like to see less of her, not more. No offense to Danielle, but she’s not tv material. The show should be about picking, not the seemingly forced, staged, stilted conversation between her and the two guys. When she’s on the screen, it just doesn’t seem natural.

  70. crystal schmitt says:

    hey chick glad you got your raise you deserved it me and my husband love the show

  71. bert says:

    You have to be kidding…I collect antiques for the past 30 years.. I would pay her $100,000 just to look that good everyday….and do nothing else…. I have only one picker and he’s been picking for me for 30 years I pay him up to $100,000 a year now.. and he is nothing to look at..

  72. Jeremy says:

    Danielle is so hot I love the show and she makes it even better she just got a great out look on life and is so funny and I love her tats I wish I could find a woman of her quality it’s hard to find a woman into the things she is

  73. Jeremy says:

    Wow I just got done reading some of this stuff how could you people say such mean things about her don’t hate you got nothing better say or if you ain’t going say anything nice please say nothing at all about her I’m a big fan of the show been picking for at least 10+ years never called it that tho and I only pick here in cool at flea markets and only collect motorcycles I think that you should prize her for her hard work and you the one that says she don’t know we exist she does I’m very sure she’s happy to have fans like us keep it Danielle you rock!!

  74. Rob says:

    Will you ever perform in Austin?

  75. Nini says:

    Some of the comments on here are really upsetting. I didnt even bother to read half of them. I am actually amazed that some of these people are housebroken or even know what the History Channel is!

    I have really gotten hooked on this show in the past few months and was happy to read this article, since the show seems to almost portray her in a one dimensional way. Keep doing what you are doing, Danielle… I love what you guys do on the show, and it really illustrates that you can dress a certain way and still be intelligent and taken seriously! I prove em wrong everyday too!

    Oh, and keep coming to Missouri! There are so many good places to pick here!

  76. bill says:

    The show is a half hour, not hour.

  77. American Pecker says:

    Does Danielle shave her beaver?

  78. rick says:


  79. Karl says:

    I wrote to u guys & u never wrote bac whats up? o & Hi how r u?:)

  80. jayson says:

    just wanted to let you know that you are hotter than firecracker!! i’m a singal 35 year old commercial electrician. /5/2/0/2/5/2/7/6/2/5/ give me a call sexy girl!

  81. vito hardwood says:

    perfect spot is butt up in the air danielle, waiting for poppa to popya right in the pooper…

  82. Danille fan club says:

    Danielle, all of South Carolina thinks you are HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  83. Willis J says:

    Danille, you are a doll. been asking myself if it’s just the tv starllet thing but the more I see your personallity come out I’m sure it’s your attitude that captures me. Your body, eyes, hair and of course your art is stunning. I doubt you’ll ever read this but anyway I feel a little better knowing that if you do, hopefully I will have made your day a little brighter. Please know this: your husband is a very lucky man. I can only imagine the sincerity and closeness that a woman like you demands of her soul mate. If I ever travel to Illinois I’m booking a ticket to your show. Thanks for the inspiration you give to this old hippie. Keep on trucking honey.

  84. Willis J says:

    coincidentally I’m from SC also!

  85. Bobby says:

    Amazing the idiots trying to pawn off their garbage as if she’s going to help them. fuck off to ebay with your bullshit, spammers.

  86. Disco says:

    Wow! Danielle is the ultimate pinup girl. So classically sexy. Would love to see her as in some classy pinup pics.

  87. Jerry DeMas says:

    do the guys ever buy so much that they run out of cash on the road? do they have another truck to unload there van to,so they can do more picks?

  88. Vince Pepple says:

    Danielle, I realize you’re married and have kids, but you are simply exquisite in every way and damn sexy too! You really rock my boat! I hope to get up and meet you eventually, but I promise not to be creepy about it. LOL! Love the show, keep up the good work! Maybe I’ll catch your burlesque act sometime. Nice to see you keeping the art form alive.

  89. Stephanie says:

    WTF! why are there so many horny losers on here?
    you really think she is going to read this shit and give you a call because you think she is sexy?
    she is married and has kids..
    so delusional!

  90. Kristy says:

    American Pickers is one of my favorite shows. I have it DVR’ed so I never miss an episode.

  91. Fred Lehman says:

    Was Danielle a Sailor at one time? ‘HOLD FAST’ is an old-timey Tar’s tattoo- meaning ‘hold onto the mast or spar during a storm’ (Or else be swept overboard).
    Anyway, I think it looks great on her-
    She’s the reason I watch the show!

  92. james says:


    You are the gears that make the show work!!

  93. elias orta says:

    Hi!! Danielle love the show!! I have a few historical items like a Star Razor dated (1880-1901) by Kampfre Bros. New York. This item was first in market than other safety razor. tell mike to make me an offer!

  94. mek says:

    I could not wait to see the first episode of American Pickers when it first came on. I have been buying and successfully selling buches of stuff for abput 15 years myself in Chicago and aroound the world to private buyers. I love the show. It depicts the agony and resposibility of preservation works of art we encounter daily. I love the show. one thing though. why not buy the whole works when its offered? why go all that way to purchase just a few gems when you could “relive” the seller of pile of stuff? Danielle, I really respect the way you handel yourself on the show. I always tell my freinds REAL (read; confident. sure of themselves knowlagable, etc..) Women are born to sell stuff. Proof in is the puddin. Women buy from women by viture of commonalty, men buy from women because of looks, women & men buy from men because of trust or built relationships. Hey forgive my mispells or lack of tact. Comments ????

  95. Christi says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Danielle in person this week. She is beautiful! She is charming and as friendly and gracious as anyone I have ever met. I don’t think she could have a fake bone any where in her body. For those of you who are in to tattoos hers are unique and gorgeous. For those of you not in to tattoos I swear you can look right past them and not even realize she is covered with them, her eyes hold you in a spell and all you see is her charm. She needs her own show. She may be too much for the History Channel and to honest for HBO, but somewhere there is a channel that could make a million off her. I only wish I could by a chunk of the stock!

  96. Christi says:

    OOPS! Buy not by a chunk of stock. I also met Abby an employee of Antique Archeology, it would be great to see her is Season 2 she is beautiful too, and very friendly. I also met Danielle’s little sister and beauty runs in the family. What wonderful adventurers you can find along the roadside!

  97. Linda Fisher says:

    I would like to find our about the shop you sent Frank and Mike to in Kentucy, THe owner was name Mike, he and his wife was in a car accident and he was selling everything . We were interested in some things and weoild like to know how to get intouch with him. Get a number and the address or website.
    Thank you

  98. Gary says:

    I am a devoted watcher of American pickers here on long Island New York and hope in the coming episodes you get more air time. You are a very classy lady with a style all your own. Just keep doing what you do best, being an original sexy babe.

  99. Lucky Chesterfield says:

    DANIELLE … you are an AMERICAN BEAUTY … and, the best part of the series, AMERICAN PICKERS !!!

  100. Lucky Chesterfield says:

    ALMOST SEVEN minutes have gone by, DANIELLE … and you are STILL BEAUTIFUL !!!

  101. Rotten Smiler says:

    I’d love to lick her asshole.

  102. Rotten Smiler says:

    I am sorry I wrote that last comment. Now that i’ve read it myself, the comment
    really makes me look like a real asshole that enjoys sniffing bicycle saddles on
    hot, humid days. I am really sorry,

  103. Rotten Smiler's Mother says:

    Please forgive my son, Rotten, as he has managed to slip out of his cage, again.
    Usually, when he slips out of his cage, I can hear him mumbling things like …
    This time he was really quiet, but I will talk with him and have him write an apology. Oh, My!! He has already has.

  104. erick says:

    i’d smash that ass

  105. james says:

    Hey Danielle
    Would like to see you on the road with Mike. But that would mean Frank would lose his job. lol

  106. Steve McQueen says:

    Hi Danielle, I was born in Davenport, Have you ever been to Harris Pizza ?
    Best Pizza I have eaten.
    Also, are you single and dateable ? I think yer smokin hot !!! Email me so I can send ya a pick, better yet, come to my house in Pgh Pa. And have Mike and Frank buy all my stuff. Take care Steve

  107. Johnny Yaughn says:

    Hey Danielle! I don’t know ya – will probably never meet ya – don’t care what other people say about ya – but let me tell ya – I love what I see and hear from ya! I hope you are everything nice that people say about ya! I’m gonna believe that cause it makes me happy! I would like to see more about you and your troupe! Dayam girl you are hot! Kindest regards and all that!

  108. Frank says:

    Love the program and have never missed an eposode and Danielle is the best part of the show. Why don’t you get some good 8″ x 10″ color photos of yourself, sign them and then auction them off on the American Pickers eBay site? Bet they would sell big time!!

  109. Danielle LOVER says:

    Danielle is INSANELY hot. First time I saw her on the show I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Naturally just gorgeous. She seems extremely nice, down to Earth and she has a great personailty. She serioulsy blows my mind. I’m totally in love with everything about her. She makes me weak. I hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

  110. FRUNKUS says:


  111. Jim Keck says:

    Love the show!!!!! Take Danielle out of the show….. I WOULDN’T WATCH IT……. DANIELLE YOU MAKE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can tell you guys have a lot of fun… Without fun its just a job…. Thanks for making me smile…..

  112. Nashman says:

    Danielle is awesome I would like to see her go on some picks,she is a real woman tough,sassy,sexxy and fun to watch,her tattoos just part of that.MORE DANIELLE please

  113. julie says:

    i have a weather vane it is a bull with the number 3 on theback if u could help me .

  114. Johnny Blaze says:

    Danielle, is deff. aboustly gorgeous wit a kick ass personailty (:, nd deff. happy history took the chance with american pickers gotta love mike nd frank nd all the amazin people they meet along the way… Ghood luck on the pickin mike nd frank best wishes nd be safe….

  115. Keith says:

    Love the show! … Have a lot of old things that have come to me and am always looking to see if you come across anything similar……
    …..and Danielle, …man, what a beautiful woman!.. Always look forward to seeing her on the show…..

  116. bill says:

    great show love it. have you ever heard of a toy called golden sonic probably from the 60s a truck ypu controle it with a whistle i have one to sell but dont know what its worth any idea thanks

  117. george says:

    danielle,ur doin sumthin i would luv to be doin,sumthin i know alot about.but even more than that most of all i just wish to fuk izz doin it wit yaalls.you know with you danielle.respectfully george kirtley. p.s. intellegent females are a turn on,oh ,the tats rock, im sleeved,just wish i had a motherfucker that could sling sum ink.

  118. george says:

    oh sorry about the wording im not black,not prejudice by no means.i live in wa. state (very diverse).im a libra.39 years old oopps 43.and in my biz ive got to know alittle about alot.just figure i didnt want to leave ya wonderin. respectfully george p.s.one of these days ill figure out these fuckin computers

  119. Shredder says:

    Danielle is such a class act. Beauty, brains and charm are a rare combination indeed. Must be that midwest mojo. WOOT. You rock girl!
    For the bozos who are quick to bash her, maybe get a dose of reality. This chick is as real as they come. ;)

  120. Welyn & John says:

    hello Danielle,
    Thank you for a good day and for being a sweet and friendly to all your fans and customers in Antique Archeology shop, Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  121. Joe says:

    Damn let me nut in you I want you to be my babys mama and let me cum on that pretty face wit those hot eyes

  122. Smith says:

    Damn I’d eat that pussy anyday anytime. Or fill you full of cum anyhole you want

  123. Kim says:

    WILL YOU QUIT WITH THIS CRAP! I have met Danielle several times and watched her interact with all the fans that stop by the shop. My best friend is Pickn’ Mama, Judy from 2 episodes and she would be appalled to see what people are writing on this forum. Go away, you will get your “come upin’s” someday.

  124. Kim says:

    OMG, I really can’t believe that someone would write more and more of this. How dare you, your mother’s must be so proud. She is the most gracious woman and doesn’t have an evil or innapropriate bone in her body. Burlesque is an artform and there is no nudity or sex involved. Get an education will ya! I am surprised you can answer the spam protection question!

  125. Michael says:

    Ignore the “haters” Danielle. They are just pathetic people with deep-seeded insecurities.

    Don’t tell my girlfriend this… but i’ve pretty much had a crush on you since your debut on the History channel. You are on my top 10 list which includes such names as Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, and so on. :) You are like the perfect combination of sweet/sincere and sassy/wild. Your husband and family are very lucky to have you i’m sure.

    As for the show… i had my DVR set to record before the very first episode and i’ve watched every single one since. Mike and Frank are the shiz as well. I’m glad they made it and i’m sure the show will be re-signed for several more years. It’s not just the fact that the show is cool, but also that it’s historical. In my opinion, it’s like a hip version of “Antiques Roadshow” – but even better.

    Best part of all… i live like a half hour from you guys (from LeClaire). I keep meaning to get out there and check out the shop and perhaps acquire a chance encounter with one of you guys.

  126. Doug says:

    I absolutely love Danielle. I would love to go to one of your Burlesque shows if you ever decide to take it nationwide. I like the fact that you are comfortable with yourself. more people should try that. My life revolves around whether Pickers is gonna be on on Monday nights . Keep up the good work and will catch you on the tube.

  127. wayne says:

    Danielle love the show you beauitifull smile makes it all worth watchin your admirer

  128. Kristopher says:

    Hey turdburgler and usefulnotations….. how does it feel to talk shit and not have to actually face the people your talking shit about? Fuck off.

  129. Kristopher says:

    ….and I agree with Kim. All you horney assholes need to keep it to yourself. This is a woman your talking about not a piece of meat.

  130. xfire says:

    I lol’d at the smut. Jeeeez. What rock did some of these people crawl out from under?

  131. Caleb Mact says:

    I just seen you commercial wit the time loops in front field were
    frank wears the fast food pig head. When you walk of(exit right), pause and check out Frank and Mikes eyes locked in on your butt(make fun of em for it). Its a compliment because I paused to see it as well.

  132. mike_nice says:

    wow. I would bend Danielle over and make her cum ATLEAST 3 times. I would be screaming…IM THE ALL AMERICAN PICKER AHHHHHH!!!! as shes doing it

  133. Michael says:

    Hi I’ve been reading blogs about mike and frank being gay. So I thought, that means Frank would be a leather queen, Mike his bitch and you a fag hag.
    This is a bad joke haha! I do enjoy your show. Michael.

  134. Larry says:

    My first time picking trash and getting something I could use gave me such a
    great feeling,butt even better than that feeling was selling something from
    the trash at a yard sale or a VW car show .American Picker’s a show I can
    really relate to. Oh yeah ! Danielle is the Picking Beauty Queen .

  135. Larry says:

    I have an idea for a contest : Based on the scavenger hunt theory three item’s
    would be picked ,one each by Mike,Frank,&Danielle .Maybe at the beginning or the end of the season .The 1st person to find all three item’s win’s .Prize Idea’s:
    AP’s crew visit’s winner’s city and get’s a tour of the best pickin spot’s. Antique Archaeology swag -$ OR all expence trip to Burlesque Le Mustache .

  136. cole riddle says:

    i got a monarch 18 inch lawn mower roll blades with a briggs and stratton motor self proppelled from springfield ill. patient pending i dont know what its worth ?? andi love the show and all 3 you guys . its for sale???

  137. cole riddle says:

    coleriddle88@charter.net can i get an answer travelers rest s.c.

  138. John Lea says:

    Thanks for putting together such a great, consistent show. Mike and Frank have excellent chemistry together and I enjoy the respect they show to the interesting folks they meet. Another great element in the shows is the history that pops up regarding a company or product–interesting and informative. Danielle is delightful and a good foil for the guys. I wish she hadn’t gotten the finger tattoos, though. They don’t seem to complement a lovely lady. I guess they do, however, work with her language. Every now and then, we see footage without the HOLD FAST images in place so I suppose there’s file footage used to flesh out the programs. I really enjoy American Pickers very much. Thanks for making it happen, all of you. Keep it going.

  139. joey says:

    i would love to corner her lickher up and down she is so fucking good yum yum

  140. Dan Olson says:

    Did mike & frank ever make a good living picking? of was it always marginal?
    Did they have to get a tv show to not need food stamps? I think gas prices
    made them try to get to another level.

  141. mountan man says:

    my wife rondann and myself have been picking part time for about ten years we love it and we love your show hugley its not always about the finds . But the stories and people you become close to in the hunts. You guys really do rock . we hope to come visit you folks and your store. And the minute i saw Danielle she had that sensual total woman look that my wife has it fascinates me that alot of women never reach that part of themselves cant wait to meet y ou all and my wife has some tattoes also very hot ladies!!! We just bought out end of a astate sale and are overwhelmed with archelogical dig bottles from an old fur trading place on west side of state .Alot of research and book work .We also ended up with a totally one of a kind screen door quartersawn oak heavy brass made in the 1920 era by an old business in Verdigre Neb the door is mint made by us.adv.co. the pull handle plate says ‘PULL FOR YOUR HOME TOWN. We already had a paypal scam from a UK person doing missionary work but we thought something was not right . If you all know of someone that would pay for this beautiful door we would sure make it worth your while Danielle you are the woman those eyes say alot with out you ever making a sound the boys are lucky to have you covering there backs thanxs for the chat hope we can chat again AMERICAN PICKERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Derrik says:

    Danielle im just sayin that you are an american pickers you make the buss run smooth. IM say and you are so sexy i dont know what its but dame girl, just your swager is hot everything about you! If you would message me back! I do believe my email was required

  143. Kelly says:

    Really Good Interview… i love American Pickers, would be awsum to be able to do what you love on tv…the guys are very funny, and love to watch them, danielle is Beautiful.. hope to meet her someday, thatwould be really kool

  144. juan says:

    Hi guys, i’m addicted to your show, is different and very fun..the episode where you give 5 grand back to the amusement park guy was a hit, very well done, it shows the human side in you guys..Danielle is the center piece of the show, I’m from the caribbean and tattoos is something akward in girls, but danielle use them as a complement of her beauty..it is different on her..thanks guys keep it up

  145. Stephen Abraham says:

    Its a great show and shes amazing. If you guys ever find any NYC subway memoribilia….I’m your buyer.

  146. Dan Gebhart says:

    Danielle is HOT, Humorous, Quirky and Delightful. She is the STAR of American Pickers and should have more exposure. Her part is stylish and in tune with the current generation and the baby boomers.

  147. David says:

    I see how crappy Mike and Frank treat Danielle.

  148. Bess Stella says:

    Lee Mochow, you obviously got fucked once upon a time…it’s an awesome show just enjoy it dammit.

  149. Jesse says:

    I heard she’s dating Riot Mike from Riot Fest. Heard he got The Pogues to come to Chicago for her.

  150. Tony says:

    The show makes me sick. You have these two bugger butts ripping people off because they know somethings worth some money. They low ball offer some poor fool and then gloat over. What a couple of good honest chaps. They probably smell each others farts all day.
    BTW- danielle looks like a skank who never grew up after high school

  151. Tony says:

    The American pickers look like some life partners.
    2 mows

  152. Tony says:

    I’d like for someone to rip off those two bstards on a pick. Then they can laugh about it in the truck on the way home.
    I’d like to see someone bust their nuts on a pick and then tell them to get the heck off his lot. That would be funny.

  153. horse says:

    the people who run this website and person who thought it’d be a great idea to start this site up should kill themselves.writing for an interview to someone who has tattoos looks like a hipster (upper middle class white/white washed suburban kid who thinks they are bringing the art/photography world to a whole new level as they idolize bukowski and wes Anderson movies) and is on television? how pathetic.she seems like a good woman and is on one of the few more original shows on television at the time.mentioning you wrote her when you noticed you saw her against me! shirt? no joke.get s life you pathetic child(ren).

  154. Judy hilton says:

    Why is it sometimes you have no tattoos on your hands and sometimes you do

  155. charles says:

    daniele is a truly beauty and these men should show some respect to her she is a lady and i would be honored if she would write me and send some pictures i think your a queen honey if u end up in tx look me up ill take you on a date and treat you like a lady……… charles

  156. Gnat says:

    These boys just want to know the color of your nipples and what style of pantie hides behind those tight jeans. They result to insults because they’ll never know how your naked ass feels in their firm grip. Sexual frustration is transformed into rage because the taste their tongue desires is unavailable. The feel of your warm, naked body laying on top of them, breathing, softly humping with your firm butt rising and falling – is as far away as a Louisianan gnat from the moon. I’m sorry for their unkind words.

  157. Richard Lane says:

    I am into punk and heavy metal. I really like Punk chicks. when i first saw Daniel on american pickers, iI was blown away! is there any body out there who feels like I do? if so email me. thanks to all.

  158. Richard Lane says:

    I am into Punk Chicks. when i first saw Daniel on american pickers I was blown away! if any body out there feels like i do let me know also looking for more pictures of Daniel Colby Cushman. reach me at linc00777rl@yahoo.com thanks

  159. DICK says:

    you are one hot piece of meat. I would love to do you!..You have a great body! I wou;d do you every which way i can.

  160. DICK says:

    You should have your own show

  161. Don says:

    I was interested in buying something i saw on your show. How do i go about doing that?

  162. Dick Gohzinya says:

    If you want a tattoo on your VAG I’m the guy for you! I can give you a life like penis , you can sport in your burlesqe style panties.

  163. tracey says:

    baby girl you rock !!!!! you seam like a realy cool chick, dam your bad ass …

  164. Doug Laframboise says:

    You’ve burglered to many and the fumes have clouded your pee size brain. Go sit in the corner like a good wee puppy and lick your own nuts ok

  165. Cheyenne says:

    Hey daniele! i LOVE watching american pickers. you guys have gotten me inspired to do picking when i get older, and when i have money. Danielle you are one badass chick, you can do almost anything. could you ask mike how the best way is to start to be a picker . thanks!

  166. Louise Inman says:

    I am hicked on your show, American Pickers. I was look for something to watch one day and ran across your show, love it. I do a kind of picking as I drive down the street I see something on the side of the road and stop and ask if it for free and if so If it is something I think I can use I take it. I was watching the show one night and saw that Frank and Mike had found a Rail Road Mail Bad pole for the fright dock, I would like to know if they stell have it, I am with the, Fernley Preservation Society for The Fernley Lassen Depot in Fernley, Nevada. We could use one of those for the fright dock so when we take school and familys and adults on tours we can show them what the mail bag hung on and when the train came by they would grab it with a pole if they did not have a stop. Thank You, Louise Inman, 775-575-7394

  167. Ricky says:

    You are soooooooo cute, ‘n sweet
    I think I love you – :) ))))
    I hope we see more of you on the show.
    Peace & Love

  168. Chase gardino says:

    Awesome show girl friend just saw you pick leave cranky at the shop!!! I pick aswell, I’m in pa thanks.respond if you like.

  169. tcaros says:

    The show is pathetic. It’s the last time I watch it.
    These two homo guys go around stealing antiques from less informed old folks.
    They giggle about their rip offs while smelling each others farts.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, this ugly broad with too many tattoes laughs at the homo jokes and their latest butt escapade.
    toatally pathetic…. anyone who thinks Danny is attractive needs to have their head examined.

  170. jebay1971 says:

    Love the show! Let the producers know we want more of you! You make the show have some edge while the boys come off a little cheesy at times. Do you guys sell on E-bay? I’m sure if you would sell autographed pics of yourself and the guys ( I guess :) you would make a killing. Anyways keep rockin it! If you need a freelance picker in Ohio hook me up!

  171. johnny says:

    Our family watch your show. We would like to see more of you on the picking
    runs. Also can you let me know wher i can find price for old oil can CITIES SERVICE TROJAN MOTOR OIL SAE 30 THE CAN IS GREEN AND WHIT.
    Thank you for a great show.

  172. BIG John says:

    I like collecting old railroad lanterns and being a redneck myself find the show quite entertaining with a couple beers :-)

  173. StarSapphire says:

    Hello Danielle, I love the show “American Pickers” as it reminds me a lil of me growing up . Never got to the point of traveling other than going to garage sales to pick , but enjoyed it a lot. I had opened a small thrift store, but found I could not rely on the two I hired to run it while I worked another job to support it as it started. So I closed it in less than six months time which made me loose my interest in picking. I have a few small boxes of “stuff” and a garage full of crap my mother collected over the years lol , but I am on the west coast and it would not be worth the drive for just stopping here . and well …Richard “Dick” Martin said it is his territory *winks*
    Send me an email if you sneak in ! lol

  174. Cathy says:

    Hi Danielle, Really was a great interview, enjoyed learning more about you and your life. Loved the show when you finally got to go picking with Mike. Pinball machine you rocked it! Really pays to flirt! Do you do all the posting of the picking finds? Would like to see more listed on the web site. Watching the relationship you, Mike and Frank have is so up lifting. Why does Mike call you Danny D? I watch the show faithfully and if I can’t I DVR it. When Mike and Franks eyes light up and the smiles come out and Mikes laugh it makes you feel like your there. You keep the home fires burning. Thanks for a good show.

  175. Rich says:

    Hay Danielle that was a very good interview.And you do a great job on the show.I am very upset I did not think you were married my heart is broken!!!! LOL.Well if you are ever single give me a BUZZ!!!! Thanks!!!

  176. Big Al says:

    I hope you put more vids of your burlesque acts on youtube. I enjoy watching the more endowed women.

  177. junkypicker says:

    Love Daniel
    Learned alot from the show
    Mike an Frank better keep some girls close buy.lol

  178. junkypicker says:

    Sorry. Danielle. Spellcheck mybad

  179. weekend treasures says:

    can you believe that there are people so jealous of others who are sucesseful and who cant say anything good cause they live in misery so they want others to live there to.american pickers danielle you guys are kickass and i love your show.

  180. Kitrick Short says:

    Hi, I have a 66 Honda 305 scrambler if you guys are interested.

  181. Kitrick Short says:

    I love the show and watch it all the time. If your interested in my bike I’m moving to Maui and would like to sell it. 941 244-3654 message number
    Thanks, Kitrick

  182. Sandy says:

    Love the show. My husband & I watch it all the time. ( including reruns lol ) We especially liked the episode when you went on the road with Mike. We hope to see another show like that one. Totally disregard all the ugly & vulgar cimments from totally ignorant people. I admire you for being comfortable in your own skin.Keep up the good work. We really enjoy you.

  183. weekend treasures says:

    thank god some people with some brains.the only way to conquer anything in unity.but mos want to cut good people down.if you are a picker and want it all for yourself you will not make it in the buisness.i have been a picker for years and love my job but the people that ive met i can not replace.nothing better than loving each other tatoos and junk.so if you are evfer in indiana and want to see some junk let us know.812 887 5108.keep up the good work.eric.sorry about spelling but we are hillbillies god bless you

  184. m furgas says:

    am i going to get through? well hi dan ,we love ya and your tats i would do about anything you want . and i could show you a few new things for sure love ya mike

  185. Watching in Omaha says:

    I do not personally know Danielle, but think she is one of the coolest chicks–on or off TV. Dimwitted morons who have commented on here deserve the boring lives they have and realizing this have nothing better to do than spew venom out at anyone and everyone.

    Danielle, I find you sensual, erotic, exotic, and hellishly sexy. The comfort you feel within your own skin does nothing but add to the beauty you already exude. You are a woman dreams are made of. Any real man would prefer to have you by his side, in his arms, in his life, and in his bed than some plastic, barbie doll look-alike. As with Bettie Page, Mae West, Dita von Teese, and Lili St. Cyr, you–Dannie Diesel–will immortalized your erotic sensuality and exotic sexuality for decades to come.

    Hope to see more of you on future episodes, and really will try to make it across Iowa to catch one of your shows in Davenport. I would say stay hot, but I see no other way for you to be.

    Lustfully yours.

  186. Rotten Smiler says:

    TONY of 12.23.10 comments … you sound like a pathetic twist who is multi-gendered. Bet your sexual-life associates enjoy your company only because
    your rectal orifice has an overbite.

  187. Rotten Smiler's Mother says:

    Please forgive my son, Rotten, as he seems to say the darnedest things to folks he don’t appreciate … I told him twice, that TONY person is probably a very nice person … it’s his rectal overbite that gives TONY such a mean spirit.
    TONY … a dab of VICK’s may give a little relief.

  188. JOE DADDY says:

    Danielle, you have got the sweetest ass I have ever seen. your jeans look so fucking good on you that I cant stand it, god damn girl you are so fucking sexy.your husband is the luckiest son of a bitch on earth.

  189. paulbuck says:

    cant wait till playboy gets u a offer

  190. Faye & Kevin says:

    Danielle is just too cool for school!! We love watching her every week. And do I love her tattoo across her chest. I have a couple of tats but I certainly don’t think I could go through all that! That takes a REAL woman which of course Danielle is. We love you Danielle. Keep up the great work!

  191. PAPA ZIG says:


  192. scott says:

    you are awesome danielle . i love the show every week . everything you guys do looks like fun . i hope the show continues for a long time .

  193. weekend treasures says:

    you can always tell a loser when they open there mouth.i guess they have to talk like they do about somebodies wife like they do because they cant find anyone to talk to them let alone live with them.i find it sad that this is what we have to live with or beside such losers in such a great nation.get a job do something besides look like a idiot.wasting space taking up good air.danielle your husband has good taste and he knows he is a lucky man just as mike and frank are to have you.tatoos good friends and junk what a life.

  194. SCOTT SOMERS says:

    WOW! after 20 years of over the road flatbed truck driving i thought i d about meet all the asshole in the wor;d !?that was until this dickmunch by the name of USEFULNOTATIONS came along,wow what a fucking retard!!i am a god fearing person,not here to judge NO ONE ! you on the other hand have decided to take your mouth and use it like a gun,and were the fuck did ya get that use fulnotation crap from ,theres not a damn thing YOU say that has any use,asshole ! as far as i can tell DANIELLE is a down to earth person who deserves no opinions from dicks without brains,like your self !shove a sock in it USEFULNOTATIONS and cease breathing bitch! YOU GO DANIELLE ,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ,LOVE THE SHOW !

  195. Russell says:

    I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in and let Danielle know that i think she is a very attractive, sexy, smart, and intelligent woman. The tattooes are a major plus and a really big turn on. Women like you are getting harder and harder to find in today’s world. Your definately different and that makes you special. Love you on the show and wish you much success.

  196. sally little says:

    717-246-0821 pa have some old bikes sadles snowmobile chair ec.to sell please call for info.

  197. sally little says:

    need a 1800# to call you

  198. Donkie says:

    I bet the bearded charmer would give up his entire oil can collection for an evening alone with Danielle in a neon signed motel. I guarantee he has a hard time (pun intended) hiding his throbbing little boner while he’s alone with her in the shop. Who knows, he may have had a chance to pull those little panties from her ham ass and had a little fun? Maybe he’s even had a chance to have that ham ass slowly pumping up and down on his little bean during the slow season.

    I’ve no doubt he’d treat her like a lady. Take a lot of time on the nipples, being mindful of the beard’s added stimulation. I have no doubt that the bearded charmer and ham ass have shared many a quiet night wrapped in each other’s nakedness.

  199. dean says:

    you are one nice lookung women i like your tats and i dont really like tats on women but you look good any more pics of u

  200. Scott Quivers says:

    Danielle is HOT! I watch the show just to catch a glimpse of her and those awesome jugs and great azz.

  201. Eric Brooks says:

    Hey danny you are a fine women not one of these lttle scrawny 110 pounds sticks you see in mags or on tv a real women with curves, the kind of women that turns my head when im driving down the street wish you were featured more in the show if your ever in seattle lets hang out

  202. brett says:

    you go girl one sweet thing

  203. Dan Gebhart says:

    I watch the pickers on the program because of Danielle. She is the only reason to watch. I compare her to Pauley Perette, aka Abby on NCIS. These two women are the only reasons to watch their respective TV programs. Both are extremely hott and I love the tattoos.

  204. jeremy merck says:

    hey I have some world wai money that my grandpa gave me b for he died, how much is it worth

  205. eric saltzman says:

    hi,Ithink with the bri-ca-brac in my home you can get entire episode out of it,if interested please email me,and I’ll then give you a short list of the stuff I have,Sincerely,Eric Saltzman

  206. Bob says:

    Danielle, Besides being hot, I can tell you are a caring and fun person. I hope the show continues for a long long time. I was picking before it was called picking. It was commonly known as antique-ing. I pick you.
    Oh Yeah, Mike and Frank do a fair job as your subordinates too.
    Sorry guys, its all about Danielle

  207. tony craig says:

    hello danielle you are so beautiful and a very sweet sexy loving lady.i wish i had the privilege of meeting you your my dream girl.you and my cars i would be in heaven.

  208. Gary Wheat says:

    Hi Danielle.you are such a beautifull lady and I think your tats are awesome,would you like to be friends on Face book.

  209. Me thinks says:

    While watching reruns, I begin to wonder if the bearded charmer has had a go at that plump little hamass? I oft wonder what type of luxuries she breathes upon his small little bean. Me wonders if he’s ever accidentally walked in on her right after she’s pulled her panties from that firm marshmallow ass? Has he smacked her milky bum to watch the ass ripple from a firm slap?

  210. jerry says:

    Iam so in love . wow ur a hotty . thanks

  211. robert pimental says:

    I’d give anything to see your pretty bare feet and toes.

  212. Jer and deb says:

    I cant find a place to discuss buisiness with you on line. have something we think you may be interested in

  213. Scott R says:

    I have to agree with Rick. I don’t usually like the look of tattoos on women either but Danielle is just incredibly sexy with a personality that seems so genuine. If only she were single and would give someone like me the time of day! Lol. Very immpresive Dani!

  214. Chris B says:

    Danielle PLEASE PLEASE put a bedsheet or a tent over yourself. Your beer gut is grossing me out. Fat chicks don’t belong in tank tops. Put some clothes on, or I’m turning the channel. Love the show, Don’t care to see her ugly fatass!!!

  215. Glenn Sr. says:

    Danielle,guess i am not the only one checking you out,you are a 10. i was watching the show and actually got turned on by your sweaty pits,i loved it.damm i would love to have a “reveiling pic of you.I think the prior poster has no clue what a real woman is about,and your ass is fine,pay my air-fare, i will slap it for free,,Love Ya BABE’

  216. Lilbunnyfoofoo says:

    One of the hottest babes on TV! I agree w/Glenn, last nights show was so hot… When Danielle came out of that barn all hot and sweaty in that blue tank top….OOFTA! I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. Would LOVE to rip that tank off and give her a tongue bath….

    I mean no disrespect Danielle…. Baby you are beautiful!

  217. DALE says:

    If I were asket to paint a picture of what a real woman should look like, I would paint Danielle.

  218. kimberlty carpenter says:

    hey danielle
    my name is kim and i live in flint, michigan, i understand the boys are here, i would love to have them come over and see a couple of things i have, i also have an uncle in town with “tons” of old signs. he actually has owned a mobil station for over 20 years… my number is 810-308-7104.. hope to hear from you soon….

  219. Glenn Sr. says:

    o k lil bunny,,,eme @ grksr56@msn.com ..Danielle can’t love me due to her being famous,and married.Tongue baths for Danielle.Lets track her down and show her what she don’t know how..Yes,she is beautiful..and she LOVES US.

  220. Darren D. says:

    I honestly think that anyone who goes out of their way to publicly bash a kind, talented and sweet person like Danielle is a fucking moron. The guy talking shit about her tattoo’s and style is way out line concerning himself with how she chooses to express herself, I mean come on! Who are you to claim anything! Danielle is just being herself, I doubt very much that she is looking to claim an image, she is far from a Rockabilly Chick. She incorporates a lot of different styles into who she is. People that go online and actually spend time bashing people are serious losers. You probably have no life, and get off on being negative, hurtful and would just love a little more attention.. at the expense of hopefully hurting someone. Well, karma is a bitch in that respect. Judgmental people that take it to a hurtful level are scum, go fuck yourselves, Danielle is one of the kindest, most sincere people I have ever met, if you know her and she doesn’t want anything to do with you, there’s a good chance that you are a waste of time and are probably a really shitty person.

  221. Darren D. says:

    And to all you classless perverts.. My god you people are disgusting! What the fuck is wrong with you??? You hide behind your cyber walls and say that awful shit. You are proof that our world is slowly becoming a more disgusting place to live on a daily basis, you should wash out your filthy mouths with soap!

  222. Capt G says:

    This lady makes the show, their are times I would like to tell Mike to just stuff it.Thay need to treat you as the lady you are and much more respect. Greg

  223. David (Dave Dawg) Rimer says:

    I have been a picker/refurbisher for many years and naturally became an instant fan of “American Pickers”. Not so with Danielle…with her, (I guess because we don’t get to see enough of her) it’s taken time. When I first started watching the show, it was all about the “stuff”, and the different personalities we would meet. But then I noticed Danielle…and she has slowly stolen mine heart! I have noticed that with each new episode, she has steadily gotten hotter and hotter. She’s lost wieght as the show’s progressed and just gets better looking each time. I am absolutely in Love with her personality and can’t get enough of her! …Danielle, you are a very talented person and I think you should pursue an acting career on the big screen. I would love to see more of you and I think you have what it takes to be a big star. I would be (am) your biggest fan. I would like to make one little suggestion, however…please wear your hair down more often, it really makes a big difference when you do. ( you are soooooo hot) -Dave Dawg

  224. chris brogan says:

    i started watchin pickers, great show by the way. anyways the first time i saw you i was like wow theres a hot chick on pickers, been hooked ever since, no serious thou i think you bring a much needed spark in a market that is usally thought of as old ppl and fle markets. love your style, totaly been looking for a girl like u my whole life, theres gotta be one more like u in this big world, im still lookin, but yeah i got a big crush on ya. i live in mich but used to work for a farmer in W.V. last name mccausland grandson to famous genral mccausland. and the genrals house is still standing and all the genrals things are still in the home. my dads been in the home and he told me the genrals uniforms are still hanging in the closet. and all the furnishings havent been moved in over 150 years. i would love to see frank and mike get in there. but i dont think he would sell anything, but then again he is 90 somthing years old.theres a tip on a good pic. im on facebook if u want more info.

  225. Chad Stillmunkes says:

    Danielle you rock,it would be hard to pick out 1 favorite show but the 1 where where you pulled out your invisible quarter to flip to see where the guy’s would sleep for the night and the flip was they sleep by the river was a killer.I laughed so hard that was just the best.You three just click and wouldn’t be a show with out all 3 of ya’s.Best of luck with the show ,love the tat’s.My wife &Ilive in dubuque ,Iowa ,It would great to see the shop sometime.Take care Chad

  226. WICKED WILLY says:



  227. Blake says:

    Danielle,i find you very hot,,love the tat’s,,ive got alot of tat’s myself.You have a lucky husband.Oh by the way,you have a nice rack and a cute butt…more tight jeans baby !


  228. Scott printy says:

    Not gonna bore you with all the ” youre so hot crap” keep up the good work. You rock !

  229. TERRY AUSTIN says:

    can a person find out the location of the ww2 collector ( Ed in georgia ) or a phone number thanks terry

  230. david harlan says:

    yes im a man but im not going to say anything disrespectful to you or about you all im going to say is i love the show, anyways im trying to find out how much my flying o bicycle is worth and if your show is intrested i have a couple other old bikes. I live in Ponca city ok. your show can contact me at (580)-352-8367 im willing to sell. Thanks david harlan

  231. Scott Pieper says:

    The wife and I finally got to see the older episode where you went out with Mike. You did a great job, the should let you do it more often. There was another old episode on after that, that neither of us had seen. It was the one where Mike and Frank buy an old green trunk that came from Italy. However it was locked and didn’t have a key. Frank wouldn’t let Mike open it until they got home. My TV went out 10 minutes before the show ended due to a rain storm, and we never found out what was inside. Could you please let us know.

    Thanks for your help.

  232. Rebecca says:

    I am a 69 year old woman, artist, have been a picker, all MY life, too, Still am, actually. Go EVERYwhere , looking for vintage costume jewelry. I LOVE THIS SHOW! and all three, have chemistry. Love Danielle, and her comments, and reactions, that can’t be faked. She is an original, and no I don’t get the tatoos, on such a pretty woman.
    Loved seeing her pick vintage clothing, and sewing.
    KEEP SENDING, EM, History channel.


  233. Mary says:

    This is my favorite show ever i’m 17 years old i think its very important for young kids to watch this show because it does give you a lot of information about history! You guys are so fun to watch thank you so much for doing what you do! : )

  234. Daniel Langlais says:

    I like three shows American Pickers,,IRT< & Pawn Stars. Pawns stars because of chumlee he is funny.,IRT ., Ice Road Truckers because of Lisa,. And you on american pickers..ALLTHREE OF YOU REALLY MAKE THE SHOWS, all other chracters are good also. A BIG FAN TO ALL THREE SHOWS

  235. Ed Kruscavage says:

    I have 60 + Marvel Super Special! Kiss comic books with bonus full color pull-out poster. Would you be interested.

  236. RACE MANNING says:


  237. john ford says:

    danielle if mike and frank are ever in auburn alabama call me and i will be glad to show them around.john ford 334 705-2998 or 334 329-8441

  238. Trevor says:

    I think Danielle is the most beautiful woman on earth. Her husband is the luckiest man on earth!!!

  239. mike says:

    I’d LOVE to have some of that ! !

  240. Maynard says:

    I’d eat her asshole.

  241. Keith Weber says:

    Danielle, I don’t know if the guys remember Charlie Hawk in Ohio( Mike bought a leather jacket with a condom in the pocket.) Tell them that Charlie passed away from cancer a few months ago.

  242. Jimmyjam048 says:

    Great show. Daniele, you make it a terrific show. Ignore the h8rs, they dispize anyone who is, happy, successful or confident.

    And you my dear, are all three.

    PS you can make that four if you add beautiful.

  243. Jimbo says:

    I am what you’d call a straight laced, uptight, conservative prick, however, Danni does it for me.

    BTW, Maynard, why don’t you tell us how yoiu really feel.

  244. Chiropractor Seattle says:

    This is a very good show. I just started watching it. It has that same effect as ‘The Antique Road Show”. You just cant stop watching it! Someone above made the comment that Mike & his partner were ripping people off? Wow! What a poorly thought out comment. These people have junk just laying around. I promise you that the majority of these people are more than happy to take the money. Some of them look like they are in dire financial straits. Mike & Daniel have the ability to reallocate these products through unique channels & relationships they have cultivated over the years.

    I actually get really angry at Mike sometimes because he pays way to much and is way to forthright about the resale value. This is about making money. Bartering or negotiating is an art form in itself.

    I would like to see Daniel step up and start selling more. I just saw her move the car. She doesn’t know much about sales at this point. However, I see tremendous potential for her. She should negotiate profit sharing in regards to moving merchandise for Mike. Whats the alternative? Just letting sit there? No way, volume baby! What makes me the authority? Well unless you cleared over 5 million in sales last year, please don’t bother responding to me.

    Danielle could be utilized in better ways by Mike. That’s not a slam on Mike. I like Mike. I could care less he is nice. That means nothing to me. Nice is boring. I like how he is persistent, has a positive mind, and can negotiate fairly well. See, I see tactics he employs that 99.5% of you would never grasp. He is far more clever than you think. The “niceness” is actually a clever strategy… But hey, I’m not going to ruin a fellow salesman’s game.

    Good show I enjoy it. Give the girl a percentage of your sales Mike. Your profit will grow. TRUST ME!!! She needs to have a vested interest in the place. Give her the ability to earn as much as she wants through selling!

  245. dave says:

    I want to know if mike and frank are a couple….are they gay?

  246. Gordon Wark says:

    I’m sure that Danielle, in addition to being a truly beautiful and obvisoulsy creative person, is more than strong and confident enough to deal with the barbs of a few pathetic dweebs. Keep uo the great work and let’s hope all your dreams come true.

  247. jim says:

    i love the show and want to know when the guy will be back in jersey or east pa we have a barn they can go threw there is bikes and a raeily moped and boxes of stuff thanks

  248. Andra Mitrovich says:

    Not sure why I am compelled but as an artist you might understand. You wore a “Dale Watson” tee on AP once, then I saw AP come to Texas, so I felt I had to explore Danielle. A self proclaimed personal picker, I started watching AP but I am a singer for the last 23 years, I portrayed Janis Joplin for twelve years in the musical/life story “Love, Janis”. However, Dale is friend and I have performed on one of his CD’s “Austin through the eyes of Teri Herbet” AND the most recent band I have been performing with is now in Dubuque, IA so I only get to see them a couple of times a year. I have the address to the shop so I will send you a letter, perhaps you could be a mentor in a way or just a cosmic connection….but if you ever find yourself at a bar where “98 in the Shade” is playing PLEASE walk up to the drummer and tell him, “don’t pop a plug and SHIT your pants, but are you Vinnie the Pooh or Captain Danger?”
    We spend our nights after gigs watching ya’ll and he would finally get it when I say, “hey, man we’re ALL connected”

  249. Andra Mitrovich says:

    BTW……the first letter recited in the play about Janis, she says, “Dear Mom and Dad, With a great deal of trepidation, I bring the news”…….an actual quote written by Miss Janis herself. i mean, TREPIDATION, who uses that word these days? BESIDES self-empowered, intelligent, bright and insightful women….uhm, people! Rock on.

  250. Boris the spider says:

    A fat sloppy broad with no discernible talents other than cursing like a sailor and breeding , and getting covered in Rohrshach looking tatts is a TV sex symbol. Welcome to 2012 and counting the days to The End.

  251. truckerrod says:

    Boris..sounds like ya got beat up by girls in school…….keep countin !!! Hey Danielle…you are a class act…its refreshing to see someone who stays true to themselves and projects a genuine personality on tv. You have a lifelong fan here….keep on keepin on !

  252. Jay says:

    Danielle is definitely beyond beautiful…you are GORGEOUS!! I love the way you keep the boys in line lol! They should let you do more picking…I know I’d much rather be picking with you than Frank!!

  253. Teresa King says:

    Heay you all, I want to start a new Picker show! I’m a 54 year old Great-GrandMother and I love to pick!!!! What do you think about that? Please send me an email about it and let me know. I want to be on the NEW SHOW and we can think about a name for it. YOUR DEVOTED FRIEND AND PICKER AND I WATCH YOU EVERY TIME YOUR SHOW COMES ON !!!! TERESA

  254. Teresa King says:


  255. Teresa King says:


  256. mark says:

    watching the program I could tell who REALLY runs the show, but after reading about you all I can say is sexy as hell, and intelligent too. Danielle if you ever get divorced………….. Love you girl

  257. weekend treasures says:

    well i used to think alot of the show.but in the last few months of owning my own shop i see the destruction the show american pickers have done to the picking world.they go to somebodies old barn and find something they like and basically offer what a broke person would offer.i do not watch the show anymore because of the way they treat people.i make a living buying and selling and never ask someone to come down on there price.if you cannot make money on it then move on to the next item.do not stand there and call them a liar.if someone says they want 100.00 for a item then either give it or move on.this is the very reason the country is in the shape that it is in.i mean people are losing everything and you offer them less.this has carried over to become the biggest evil in the picking buisness.shame on you.Eric

  258. Annie O'Neill says:

    Love the show…and Dannie, I’m a 71 year old grandmother, and I actually like your body art…looks good on you – and I really don’t like tattoos on women. Keep up the good work! Congrats on being a true original.

  259. Richie says:

    Dani – You’re Just Soooo Cute It Hurts :) )), & Sexy, & Talented, & Smart,….
    I Especially liked the Airstream cleaning girls.
    What are their names?, wink wink
    Oh,… & I love the bangs,… Arrrrrrrrh
    Good Luck Sweetie

  260. marvin mckay says:

    love the show.danielle your awesome and beautiful.love the bangs too keepup the good work and good luck

  261. odious says:

    love your show , how do i get somthing appraised by you, or mike or frank?

  262. Tony says:

    I like the show but love Danielle ;)

  263. bob hodges says:

    I found the boys another cowboy boot at a motel that is closed down and wanted to send them a picture but don’t know where to send. if you want to send me a email account i’ll send you the picture. i pretty sure mike would like it. thanks…Bob

  264. weekend treasures says:

    Danielle please get another job before all of the respect that we have for you is tainted by the two thieves that you are apart of.there killing the buy and resale mkt by rippin people off.you are great but do not be apart of 2 idiots rippin people off then bragging about it.Eric

  265. wanda fischer says:

    love the show…we are fans….burlesque ! Check out funny and enteraining and true new book just released. http://www.amazon.com/dp/BOO54KPS7G. Funny and entertaining behind the scenes look at the hard working DJ and lady dancers in the clubs. “True Confessions of a Hollywood DJ” We are junk drunk and forever fans. Keep on dancing you all !

  266. wanda fischer says:

    Have a few things that Mike and Frank might want to put into the Nashville store. Submitted pictures and descriptions to store manager…still waiting for a reply. Perhaps Danielle is the supreme value quoter. Hopefull !

  267. gary taylor says:

    tell frank not to worry about his 29 ford ,he got a great deal, i would love to buy cars as cheap as your exbert acts like he can get them.ask him what he gave for his coupe?

  268. Holly says:

    Girrrll!! I hope you will share where you get your jeans… I know that’s crazy, but desperate times lol. I SUCK at jean shopping cause I’m tall and curvy too but yours always look awesome!

  269. eddie wagstaff says:

    danille i’m not big on girl with tattoos. so why is it that ur about the most sexy women i have ever seen? how can i get a autography photo of you for my birthday. on oct. 8th?

  270. David F. Watson says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Can you contact Frank and see if he is interested in a collection of Matchbooks? Ive seen him buy them before, so I thought Id ask. Ive got about 500 to 600 matchbooks from all over the states and international. Let me know asap. Thanks, Youre beautiful! Dave watson

  271. ricky magiligutti says:

    Lol, 88 percent of these comments are whacked! Anyway Danielle is hot! That’s how we make em in the midwest. Healthy girls next door, down to earth and smart. Tattoos rock by the way…gotta full sleeve. Iowa in the house wooot! Love pickin too, I do it from the comfort of my craigs list!

  272. wack a mole says:

    You people think they have time to read all these comments? All these people drooling over Danielle need to get laid.

  273. tony says:

    hi danielle, the reason this is a top show is because of the TOP GIRL on it .

  274. janet stickney says:

    i seen your show oct 12 2011 you guys were in fld and bought some bears do you still have them i would like to buy the baby bear thanks janet

  275. jamie says:

    hello just wanted to say first Mike is lucky to have you your smart witty funny very beutiful very i just started picking two years now you three made me love what i do but your something special danelle the whole package good luck with your career your one special girl you and mike look great for each other take care

  276. Sailor Eric from Jax says:

    When I first saw the show I was awestruck by your beauty. You are gorgeous and I just wanted to let you know that you rock! Keep doing what you do.

  277. Danny K. Winchester II says:

    I have a mint condition pair of Fire Ball roller skates with original shoe strings and paper work and would like to know if you would be interested if so please contact me. thank you

  278. david u.k says:

    Dani you are very Beautiful by far the prettyest women I have ever seen EVER. i love you girl

  279. ofatmarine says:

    Love you on the Pickers, Danielle. You are one of the 3 pillars that make the show great. I sure believe in cloning. We need more copies of you. hahaha

  280. Don Klancar says:

    I would like to see all of Danielle’s Tattoos. The collar is especially interesting. Is there a story to go with it?

  281. anna says:

    I absolutely love your show and don’t know why but its great, I actually look forward to the show and plan my evening accordingly so I can see it. Crazy huh? Well it is to me I’ve never been one to follow celebrities etc., but for some reason I’m crazy about your show, another one I like is Rick’s Restoration thats a good one too. I would like the pawn broker show if they were nicer to Chumlee. Stay with it, BTW your new store in Nashville looks great too. Congratulations.

  282. percy evans says:

    check out the very old hardware store that’s going out of business

  283. percy evans says:

    love the show– jury still out on frank & mike–i did leave more info about old hardware store going out of business in Ga. on another web page of american pickers

  284. Thompson Holmes says:

    Hey Danielle,
    Gotta really cool very old handmade black beaded vest(1899/1910) as best I can figure. Got burlesque written all over it, in very good but not perfect condition. It’s on the smaller side. I didn’t think this would be a very desirable burlesque piece. Have quality photo’s of it if interested. Needs a good home, and this Alaskan bush village of 75 people (Hyder Alaska) ain’t it! If interested in a photo, write to the above e-mail address. It’s a cool piece.

  285. roy says:

    hey danny got some stuff in n.central fl. tapestry,old toys,old pics,art by van reeland fifties mickey mouse squeak toy glass bottles lots of neat stuff love to here back from you. you need pics let me know.

  286. norbert w. busch says:

    i think that you are super sexy. shit i could fuck around and fall in love with a girl like you if your personality is half as good as you look.

  287. bobby beddoe says:



    All My Christmas Toys
    Watching American Pickers yesterday,
    I thought of the toys I got on Christmas day;
    It made me weep,
    Them I didn’t keep,
    For what they pay – Man! I’d be rich today!

    bobby beddoe


  288. S.Sam Polum says:

    Hey Girl, I’ve been pickin’ Cool Junk since I was 12. Wish I would have known about the Nashville gig,definitely would have applied. My pickins’ are totally in sync with yur’ shows want list. Lately been concentrating on the MCM & Industrial stuff in my region. I will always go for the cool and unusual no matter what era it comes from. If you guys are ever in need of some killer stock give me a shout, I could email some pics/prices…btw…Kudos on the Dale Watson tee.

  289. bill says:

    all i know ive been waiting for a girl like dani all my life, and not only is she takin, she’s too young for me, oh well, i still luv her go baby!

  290. wesley moates says:

    hello danielle i love the show keep up the good work but i have one question.HOW DO YOU GET INTOUCH WITH YOU OR THE SHOW.please send me some info if you can thanks.

  291. anthony burdine says:

    I really enjoy picking. I pick yardSales,auctions,antique shops
    Or any other place I can find something I want or could make money on.I really enjoy the show but I and many other people I know do
    Not want to watch the show because of the cursing.people wont stop watching the show because there isn’t cursing but some people will stop watching because of the cursing.please consider this for the future of your audience. Thanks for allowing my comments. Tony Burdine
    the shows

  292. dick cheese says:

    danny d i’d love to smash your pasty in !!

  293. ur mom says:

    Hey Tony Burdine, FUCK YOU!

  294. Eric C Bright says:

    Hey, Danielle.
    You’re hot, you remind me a lot of my wife when I met her twenty two years ago.
    I liked your comment about being comfortable in your body.
    I wish my wife felt the same way. She still is sexy as always.
    I also have a KOKEN barber’s chair that I think Mike abd Frank would love to pick.
    I also have dozens of hand tools with some dating back to colonial times.
    I only live about six hours from your new shop in Nasheville.
    I live in Coeburn, Virginia.
    Send me and email if you’re interested and I will give you my phone numbers.

  295. Eric C Bright says:

    I forgot to mention that the KOKEN barber chair was manufactured around the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

  296. Dennis says:

    I have one rare mint condition 1997 1st edition princess Diana Beanie Baby I also have pinchers and moose from the first 9 original beanies to ever come out in 1993 which are even more rare and would like to sell them. If you could contact me at 216 502 1799 I’d appreciate it. 

  297. leroy key says:

    Im in love with that girl. I don’t. Think she gets enough exposure on the show she is so lovely I would love for her to just say hello

  298. Shery richmond says:

    I have a very old baby doll bed and high chair made of metal I am not sure how old they are I can send pics they still have a manufactures name on them can u help. Contact me at 417 658-5053

  299. dbt in lower arkansas says:


    I’ve been hopelessly smitten since the first time ever I saw you. But when I found out you like The Pogues, IT. WAS. TEENAGE. WASTELAND. I just wanna be your love dog ’til your cows come home!

  300. jim schlier says:

    hi, i am looking to purchase a antique wrecker

  301. Richard says:

    I always like to watch Pawn Stars, but when I ran into ‘Pickers’ and noticed Danielle, I try not to miss it.. She needs more ‘exposure’ on the Show.!! Trust me. Personality, looks, down to Earth, tells it like it is, and pardon the lame word..’Hottie’. I don’t think I am the only one who thinks that. You go Girl.!!!!

  302. chris herick says:

    danielle u are very sexy no creeper here jus 4real

  303. Tom Chojnacki says:

    Hi Danielle
    I have been trying to contact you. I have a junk yard with over 700 antique cars ranging from the 1930s to the 1970s. I will send pictures of my yard but dont know where to send them. I would love for you, Mike and Frank to pick my yard. I am located in Amherst Wisconsin. I cant wait for you to contact me. You can reach me on my cell phone or email address. My cell phone is 715-281-6362. Thank you for your time.

    Tom Chojnacki

  304. Angie says:

    Danielle, do you still do burlesque if so can
    You tell me where and when the next show is?

  305. Angie says:

    Also, do you need more women for burlesque? Have
    Always been very interested in it contact me by email please

  306. sky says:

    Love the poagues, thanks for mentioning them Dannie.

  307. Tom Koth says:

    I saw the episode of you guys in Murdo and Sturgis South Dakota. We have a vendor booth at the Sturgis Rally and sell “Bad Girls Of Sturgis” apparel. I would like to send you a free t-shirt, tank top or hoodie with our logo on it. Check out our website and email me your choice. Keep up the good work!

  308. Noelle says:

    Hi, How would I get a hold of someone if I have something your shop might be interested in? P.S. My son and I love the show… so interesting!

  309. cheahhh says:

    danielle your are crazy sexy I would love to love you!

  310. Barb Whitehurst says:

    I recently saw a show where you and Mike went out and bought a pinball machine. My mother owes one and I would love to know who I could contact to find out its value. Which depends on whether she would sell or not. We are looking to get the most from it, so I don’t think Mike would want to pay top dollar? Can you please tell me who your appraiser is that could estimate its value? Your show is awesome. My husband and I watch it all the time. I located in Northern VA area. Thanks so much for your assistance.

  311. Ralph DeLuca says:

    Great Article. Love the show! I collect vintage movie posters and on a few episodes I see them in barns and attics and wish I could buy those from you guys!!
    Ralph DeLuca
    Madison, NJ

  312. Donald says:

    She could have me….

  313. Jim says:


  314. jerry pennington says:

    how do I contact the pickers, I have some items they might be interested in

  315. kat says:

    I want to say i love you’re show and learn slot about history as well i have a very old watch i found in the attic its a vintage longines wittnauer watch its a wind up new in original box with gold case IM interested in knowing what its worth please contact me and i can discribe it better thanks kat

  316. shane says:

    So Im a picker love getting in touch with are nations history and I I absolutely. Love the show Daniel very excited to see you get some pick under your belt that’s not the only thing I’m in the army reserves and I love it when you guys find anything military keep up the good work Daniel, Mike,and frank thank you

  317. chrisinvaus says:

    This is my most favorite show. I am glad Mike forged ahead and made the show a reality. I would like to visit LaClare, Iowa One day.
    from Norfolk, VA.

  318. chrisinvaus says:

    from Norfolk, VA

  319. chrisinvaus says:

    Mike and Frank rock!

  320. Dealer says:

    Love how they get to rip off o.d ppl. Great concept for a show….two carpet bangers fleecing America’s elderly….fun to watch. Frank is especially good at fucking ppl over. Glad he at least got fucked on that pile of scrap car he got boned on. That’s what we need to see moremof

  321. Dealer says:

    One other thing is it has completely fucked up the business……thanks frank and mike! At least they are rich now and will maybe just fuck off? We dealers can only hope I guess. That frank is just the biggest con man I think I have ever seen. Just hope he never gets in your Grammys house.

  322. Ryan says:

    Seriously, the suicide girls would be more than welcoming to add you to their portfolio. :L

  323. Frank says:

    Daniele, Simply Thank You. You really brighten the day, month, and year.

  324. psycojelliphish says:

    OK Here we go!!!! It makes my head hurt to see all the illiterate scumbags posting what they would like to do to this girl (Danielle) and have only seen her on a TV show. So I would like to say to you all……I would like for someone to do the same thing to your MOM,Wife, Daughter, girlfriend, sister— hell maybe even break you over and give it to you……so get your filthy mouth off this site. And as far as the attitude or character of her….she is under the contract by producers of the show.

  325. jimmy perigo says:

    hi!!!! i;m having a hard time finding items from your store big fan see lots of stuff i;d be interested in if only i could see your stuff!!!!!looking for 1 item i seen on your show/prints?/old moonshine sketchings?

  326. bill says:

    fap fap fap fap

  327. Chris DiCarlo Babylon NY says:

    I love the pickers but Danielle steals the show. Talk about character, baby you got that and a whole lot more. Is a matter of fact I think the network should offer that Girl her own show. Keep on with that beautiful smile and good things will happen..

  328. Annie Bryce says:

    Danielle is on of the highlights of American Pickers. I love her and I love the show!

  329. Courdoury Cowboy says:

    My guess is that the Bearded Charmer has spent some time on her nipples. She frequently goes braless in silk shirts. The way the silk glides smoothly over her pert nipples makes her feel nice. On more than one occasion, the Bearded Charmer has “accidentally” brushed his hot little hands across her hard nipples. They felt so hard on her firm tits and the Charmer had trouble hiding his thickening chub. He accidentally walked in on her while she was trying on some vintage jeans one day. She was topless, her firm tits and pert nipples softly bounced as she tried pulling the jeans up. They were too small. She wasn’t wearing panties of course, and the Charmer watched in silence as she tugged at the jeans sitting just below her smooth, naked thighs. His eyes naturally moved up the thigh and stopped on her smooth womanhood. She covered her breasts and screamed as she tripped and fell. Her legs parted as she lay on her stomach trying to get up. The Charmer was in a trance. He was about to ask her for a bundle deal just before he passed out and hit his head. The Charmer could not treat her with class. He could not avert his eyes. He could not hide his engorged chub.

  330. Stinking Tree says:

    These are the most amazing comments I’ve ever read on a webforum. The notion of a Bearded Charmer trying to cover up his denim-clad chub is comedy gold. He’s such a class-act.

  331. Jack says:

    Danielle,if you read this then you can see that almost all the guys really like what they see. I am sure that they would like to see more of your beautiful tats. I would love to seeyour burl. act if you go to pasties and a g string I have always wondered if you have in places where your clothes cover. I really think that with you its “What you see is what you get” because of how genuine you are. Also, I saw your mother on the show and was BLOWEN away by how pretty she was!! Now we know where you got your good looks. I would LOVE it if she would stay on the show! Please show as much of your artwork as you can, the tats look stunning on you and enhances your fine body. You look GREAT!

  332. Tina says:

    Have seen your burlesque act and I have a suggestion, instead of pasties how about wearing nipple shields like Janet Jackson wore during the commerial at halftime that her partner exposed. You would blow everyone away with those! A g string and nipple shields would look stunning on you.

  333. NAT says:


  334. Bobby D says:

    You confuse me and I LOVE it! That is your free spirit showing through. I wish I knew you (if anyone really can).
    Have to say, you don’t need the tats for beauty, but the self expression is beautiful. Your body is beautiful, but what really grabs me are THOSE EYES. You could look at me and make me laugh,cry, go to church, or rob a bank!
    Hope to see your burlesque show some day. How can I find your schedule? Can only imagine the feelings you go through. Performing is the wrong word. I bet you interpret life as you feel it at the moment. Wish I could get into your head and heart. Stay real to those you love and love yourself first.
    Bobby D

  335. Bobby D says:

    You’re not old enough to be a hippy, where did you come by your free thinking lifestyle. Where have you been all my life? LOL