The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets

Just be glad you’re a Smith, a Jones, a Frank, a Dave or a even a Dweezil. Common names may be boring, but at least you’re not bound for a life of teasing, giggling and chattering behind your back. Unless of course, you’ve been cursed with one of these doozies.

Robert Fagot

We weren’t terribly surprised to discover that Robert Fagot needed Chuck Woolery’s help finding a date. Though it’s probably not his job that’s causing his dating problems like he claims in his introduction video on “Love Connection.”Hi, I'm Bobby Fagot

Anurag Dikshit
Go ahead and laugh at Anurag Dikshit as much as you want, he doesn’t care — he’s one of the richest people in the world. Admit it, you’d become a Dikshit for a lot less than a couple of billion.

Sally Mangina
It’s ironic that a woman with Mangina as a surname would take up a profession involving balls. But hey, that’s part of the mangic of Sally Mangina, tennis coach at lllinois Wesleyan University.

Ben Dova
Ben Dova
(not to be confused with the similarly named adult film star) is the stage name of Joseph Spah, a successful Vaudeville comedian. Check out Ben in action atop an NYC skyscraper in 1933 — no wires, nets or camera tricks. That’s entertainment!

Dick Payne
In Australia, both men and woman frequently have to deal with Dick Payne. Particularly if they’re hoping to sell their home quickly.

James Niggemeyer
When Dimebag Darrel of Pantera/Damageplan was shot on stage at a Columbus, Ohio nightclub, Caucasian police officer James Niggemeyer was first on the scene.

Kim Twatt & Jonathan Gash
Kim Twatt
is the author of “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth.” Jonathan Gash penned “Every Last Cent.” Here’s to hoping that either one will find themselves a sizable audience sometime soon since it’d be supremely cool to see Twatt or Gash in the pages of the New York Times. (See more unfortunately named authors here.)

Dr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck
This next guy is a fuck. An R. A. Fuck to be exact. Meet Dr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck — famous Brazilian geologist.

Dr. Richard Chopp
We’ll give you one guess what Dr. Richard Chopp is best known for in the Austin medical community. Yep, Vasectomies. We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Lucious Pusey
If you’re a college football quarterback, the last thing you want on the line is a Lucious Pusey — since that’d be sack city. Thankfully, this Pusey is now a Seymour.

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  1. Hank Thompkins says:

    Another one is


    The best part is, he’s a urologist!

  2. Sarah says:

    How about Dick Swett, former Congressman from New Hampshire and former US Ambassador to Denmark. You’d think he’d insist on being called ‘Richard’ but he campaigned and worked under ‘Dick’.

  3. Ryan says:

    OB/GYN named Dr. Richard Stiff, anyone?

  4. Chris says:

    I nominate Dick Ball, Michigan politician: http://house.michigan.gov/Rep.asp?DIST=085

  5. bob hagen says:

    How about “Oofty Goofty” Bowman
    former resident of Racine WI.

  6. Brettzky42 says:

    I went to college with a guy named Rusty Dicks.

  7. ezenda says:

    How about this: I went to high school with a Ben Dover and a Neal Dover. And they were BROTHERS! What cruel parents.
    Neal Dover: http://www.altoona.k12.wi.us/alumni/1998.htm
    And I can’t find Ben Dover listed in our alumni roster, but I think he was the younger one and maybe he moved.

  8. driz says:

    Went to school with a Mike Hunt. Refused to go by Michael as well.

  9. jason says:

    Hugh G. Dick was the name of a guy that donated a LOT of money to UCLA. So much money, in fact, that the largest library was named the Hugh G. Dick library (until about 1999 – then it became the URL).

  10. jaykay says:

    Let us not leave out sheriff Mike Hunt. ……. http://www.aikencountysheriff.org/

  11. Coach says:

    What about Dick Trickle (former NASCAR driver)?

  12. Burt says:

    From a previous baseball related list:
    Rust Kuntz, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusty_Kuntz
    Dick Pole, http://www.baseball-reference.com/p/poledi01.shtml

  13. Mafat Laal says:

    I went to highschool with a kid whose first name is Vikas, there was another kid whose first name is Dikesh. Of course, can’t blame their parents as they both are not English/American name, but being in a highschool in the USA, well we all had a great time pronouncing their name.

  14. Ryan C. says:

    here’s a few (all made up)

    Stu Pidman
    Harry V gina
    Roberto P. Nas
    Stella V Irgen
    Anita Kox

  15. Asorae says:

    My mom used to work with a guy whose name was Richard (Dick) Tapper… who was a urologist.

  16. Sansos Rosita says:

    How about a female U.S. Air Force contracting specialist of Korean lineage with the unfortunate name of Mi Suk Cox.

  17. mavfreak says:

    What about the OBGYN from Omaha, NE names Dr. Beavers. No lie! My mom went to him until he retired a few years ago.

  18. evilzuma says:

    Harry Beaver…gynecologist…

  19. P. Wilder says:

    Dr. Bonnie Beaver, MD
    An Obstetrician & Gynecologist in West Hills, California (CA)

  20. Michael says:

    Everyone forgot Dick Pound, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

    /Heh… Dick Pound…

  21. bhirata says:

    knew a korean guy named Eric Shin.

  22. HelloNNNewman says:

    How about buying your car from this dealership: Dick Witham Ford/VW

  23. awrsome - YaHooka Forums says:

    [...] awrsome YuppiePunk The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets _____________________________________ Царь-бомба [...]

  24. sara says:

    sharon cox

  25. kev says:

    My best friend in HS was named Smeg and his last name was huh? He was Korean.

  26. M 13 says:

    Richard Mopper, who campaigns under the name Dick Mopper, ran for Mayor of Savannah, GA once and owns a successful real estate agency.

    Dick Mopper, gotta love it.

  27. LaBamba says:

    Rusty Kuntz, coach in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.


  28. tinydoc says:

    Dick Hyman – great jazz pianist….gets ALLL the ladies…the virgin ones at least


  29. heehee says:

    i know a woman who opted not to take her husband’s last name and hers is “Ramdehol”…no joke!

  30. Shooter says:

    Knew a kid in high school named Isaac Dick. Figured his parents hated him.

  31. Thomas dumase says:

    I know a DDS with the name Darryl B. Payne

  32. Xtine says:

    There’s always Yolanda Squatpump, who has had various movie industry jobs. I saw her name in the credits of The Usual Suspects, no lie.

  33. Phreaky-Zee says:

    I went to highschool in Ontario with a girl named “Anita Weadge” (pronounced “wedge”)

    Here she is, 3 person in:

  34. Alex says:

    A lady donated a lot of money to Georgia Tech in the wake of her husband’s death, her name was Gaye Love. He graduated in IE and she wanted to improve that school, making for the even more unfortunately named Gaye Love Manufacturing Building. It has since been officially shortened to the more uplifting Love Manufacturing Building.

  35. Alex says:

    Found the link. J. Erskine is the name of her husband. http://gtalumni.org/campusmap/bldngmodel.php?id=144

  36. Alex says:

    Found another link with her name, http://www.gatech.edu/news-room/archive/news_releases/lovededication.html
    10th paragraph.

  37. Robert says:

    I knew a math teacher whose last name was Braindik. He got tired of being made fun of so he changed it to Brandik.

  38. Bill says:

    How about the Rev. Harry Hollopeter? I knew his niece (also named Hollopeter), who told about grade school teachers persisted in calling it “hol-lop’-eter”

  39. Anne C says:

    I know a woman named Helen Back, and in my town we have a dentist named Dr Moler and a surgeon named Dr Carver.

  40. jake says:

    haha. this reminds me. i was at a high school track meet, and they made an announcement calling an athlete to the press box. the announcement went as follows.

    “could we please have dick shrivels from coldwater [a town in michigan] to the press box please? dick shrivels from coldwater?”

  41. Phreekoid says:

    Does Lucious Pusey have a sister? What is her number!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr………A dentist caleed G.T.Candy anyone?

  42. Mel M says:

    When I was in the military, we used to look up different names in the computer system and one of them was for an officer . Her name was Iwanna Petit. I have never forgotten it …. lol

  43. kathy says:

    Had a world history teacher in high school, whose name was Mrs. Dick. Her husband was named Richard and she constantly referred to him as “Double Dick” (at least I think she did — maybe it was her students who did that!)

  44. joe says:

    We have a customer whose name is Oscar Couch (as in; Oscar the Couch)
    Also, we have an Anthony Bologna (Tony Bologna)

  45. wayne says:

    We’ve a local liberal who runs for congress on a regular basis.
    Name… Rod Driver

  46. don johnson says:

    Ladd, Illinois used to have a
    dentist named Dr. Molar
    and a chiropractor named
    Dr. Kneebone.

  47. jai says:

    Mayor Barr of Pittsburgh (a long time ago) named his daughter Candy.

  48. Brett Adams says:

    You guys are forgetting the best NASCAR driver ever…. Dick Trickle

  49. Peter Lee says:

    In SC the SC Medical Society composed a video on sex education for use in the public schools. The person doing the one for the boys was Dr. Dickert. I am sure no student even heard the message if it was good through the laughing and snickering that went on. True story!

  50. nurskel says:

    Knew a dentist named Wonderlich, and saw a peculiar name in an Aruba phonebook that tickled me. Wish my husband was the same name….Hosecoch!

  51. Frank says:

    How ’bout Jack Kanoff (I’m not sure if I spelled the last name correctly, but you get the idea)

  52. Grandjester says:

    Had a customer named Richard Stains

  53. Easypants says:

    Here in Australia we had a politician named Richard Face a couple of years ago…. He chose the right profession the dumb bastard!

  54. Easypants says:

    no i didn’t, it’s 1:07pm on the 11th! stupid time travel

  55. Tom says:

    That’s nothing. I know a guy named Jack Offman.

  56. Dan says:

    I see that Dick Ball of Michigan is mentioned. It’s worth pointing out that Michigan’s Attorney General is named Mike Cox.

  57. Rick (commonly anonymous lol) says:

    Went on safari once with Justin….wait for it….wait for it…… Case. Poor fella was on the receiving end of many careless (callous) remarks :D

  58. Jay Fuentes says:

    I met this guy and his real name is Bang Ho.

  59. red says:

    first two guys on the class register were Alcock and Ball

  60. Melissa says:

    my mom went to school with Ralph Arts and Oletta Pugh in Texas.
    I went to elementary school with Douglas Fardy and Candy Cotton in Massachusetts. I had two girls in my high school…Nancy Haight and Nancy Love. They were in the same class.

  61. Ally says:

    I have a holiday caravan down Gerringong way and laugh every time I pass Dick Payne Real Estate (there is only one main commercial road in town so it is impossible to miss). I was excited to see someone else sees the humour in it!

  62. Noxide says:

    There is a doctor in Staten Island NY by the name:

    Dr. William Head

    Funny thing is, he’s a neurologist and a psychiatrist!
    He works on your head in two different ways!


  63. Frosty Rimshaw says:

    I knew a guy called Mr. Gofuckyourself U. Stupidbastard.
    Very unfortunate.

  64. Caleb says:

    There was a Richard Hertz who lived in Holden Ma.

  65. Yebo says:

    I was in stuck in a South African hospital 20 years ago and a patient who was next to me was called Everard Kok. It still puts a smile on my face to this day :-)

  66. Tim Harris says:

    There used to be a sportscaster in Amarillo, TX several years ago whose name is Dan Balduini (Pronounced Bald a Weenie).

  67. Welcome StumbleUpon users » pietervangils.com says:

    [...] A colleague told me about the number of visitors he was getting from StumbleUpon on one of his posts. I never used StumbleUpon before and installed the plugin the same day. It’s a great tool to discover new websites! What do you think of a website that converts pictures to Ascii text? Some unfortunately named people? Or some really nice pictures? [...]

  68. pito wilson says:

    A coworker named Thomas Kiser. and a female classmate: Phouc Dhong

  69. Bjornski says:

    I used to work with 2 sisters: May Yew and Anne Yew. I always wanted to ask if they had a brother named Phuk…

  70. Watel says:

    Evan Wiener!!!!!

    altho he says its like whine-er

  71. Michael M says:

    Had a girl at our school by the name of Ofelia Koch ….roll call was a blast.

  72. Shaggymook says:

    I had a kidney stone a while back and the urologist I went to was named Dr. Hardaway.

  73. Paul O says:

    I had a great friend named Ricard Strain YES… DICK STRAIN !! Great Guy!!

  74. isiah says:

    my father worked with a doctor whose last name was Frankenstein. He said that people would get really weirldied out when they called him on the PA system.

  75. John says:

    Had a high school teacher named Dick Fitz. http://www.vajta.org/adviserrecog-year.html

  76. Chinabound says:

    I went to High School with a guy named Phuc Lu

  77. Billy says:

    Had a customer come into the shop… his name was Phat Ho… he was vietnamese. Laughed our ass off.

  78. Nivekian says:

    I went to school with the following people: Misty, Dusty and Rocky Rhoads… I know not that amusing…. Then there was Stephen Israel Gaye and Gabe Bell…

  79. Kaemmer says:

    I knew a bunch of folks with that name niggemayer, they were a bit kooky, but the name thing never got old

  80. Glassa says:

    The owner of Head Motor Company in Columbia Missouri is named Richard Head. I understand he gets quite pissed if anybody calls him Dick.

  81. Nicolai says:

    Check out this interesting competition…it’s one of the more creative uses of the internet I’ve seen: http://www.lost.eu/4b430

  82. Kat says:

    There’s a newscaster on CNBC Asia by the name of Arnold Gay. Thanks to him, news became a great way to start my mornings.

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  85. Leshay says:

    this kid went to my highschool, and his name was Shithead….. kind of pronounced Shitheed

  86. Gmoney says:

    There’s a Richard Licker in Chicago. What were the parents thinking?? His brother is probably name Roderick…

  87. Jack Meoff says:

    My brother’s name is Jerk.

  88. Jack Meoff says:

    One time our mom called the bar where we were at and ask speak with either one of us. The bartender loudly announced: There is a call to Jack or Jerk Meoff.

  89. pat says:

    How about NFL player in the early 90’s Harry Colin. His parents really hated him!

  90. Ultimate Stupidity » Blog Archive » 10 most unfortunately named people says:

    [...] LINK [...]

  91. JaredTN says:

    In the Nashville TN, phone directory, there are 2 gentlemen listed as Heywood Jablowme and Heywood Jablowme, Jr.

  92. John Candy says:

    Back in the eighties the superintendant of schools here in Montgomery County, MD was Harry Pitt. And what about Billy Packer?

  93. naam says:

    Vancouver, B.C. phone directory, Emma Royd

  94. 16-07-07 22.35 - Cool Websites(#7) x2 « the red flames of revolution says:

    [...] One certainly has to feel a sense of pity for Mr. Fagot. YuppiePunk lists 9 more unfortunately named people. We also have a more refreshing, laidback view on war by nature of some funny military hand signals. Fancy the fastest internet on the planet? For some reason they’ve given it to a 75 year old Swedish woman. No doubt she’ll take full advantage of being able to stream 1500 channels simultaneously in full High Definition! [...]

  95. xtopher says:

    what about that NFL player, and later coach, named Dick Butkis

  96. john says:

    what about Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg’s daughter?
    Her name was Ima. The joke was that if the governor had another daughter he was going to name her Yura. I don’t think Ima ever got married.


  97. killrot says:

    Maj. Lee Craven Morehead

  98. Scubie says:

    My sister at junior high had two music teachers – Miss Screech and Mr Blow… No joke!

  99. Lone Stranger says:

    Names need not be potentially NSFW to make you blow milk out of your nose. Allow me to introduce Dr. Mary Ann Gilligan of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  100. bryan says:

    In 8th grade, we had an English Teacher named ‘Fonda Cox’.
    Very nice lady.

  101. tristan says:

    lol somebody at my school in england is called richard cramp

  102. Tony says:

    Personal favorite — former colleague at major L.A. law firm — Dick Warmer. http://www.lamc.org/downloads/0406broadway_program.pdf

  103. Richard Gosinha says:

    Gosinha is pronounced as if it were Portugese. Richard is abbreviated as usual.

  104. Steve says:

    I went to school with a kid named Charlie Brown — he wouldn’t go by Charles or Chuck either.


  105. empty says:

    My friend had a Insurance agent named Frank N. Stein…seriously. Also, at the hotel I worked at, the rotary club had a spokesman named Rich Semen. Nice.

  106. marky spark says:

    my doctor who i used to see, in U.K called DR Graves, suprisingly not liked much

  107. J. DuChesne says:

    Try that last name
    Pronounced several ways…

    Doo Shane
    Doo Shan
    Doo Shun

    or as Douche Ann

    kinda hard goin throught life with the nickname “Douche”

  108. buddha says:

    Chirporactor named Bonebrake …

  109. Jaye says:

    The OB/GYN who delivered my first child is named Winston D. Crabb.
    From Lincoln, Ne.

  110. Kevin says:

    There are seveal individuals in the Philadelphia, PA area with the name Jack Kanoff.

  111. Nilsy says:

    A kid I knew when I lived in England had a good one: “Russell Spraut”.
    (Not sure about the spelling…)

  112. 10 Unfortunately Named People at ComplexMe says:

    [...] link with funny background info (Sally Magina works with balls). Some other good names in the comments too. [...]

  113. The 10 unfortunately named people on the internet » Shaun Low says:

    [...] Source: Yuppie Punk. [...]

  114. Effluvium says:

    During my schooling I remember Dick Alcock, Caressa Dick, Ophelia Dix and Cherry Tart. We had a German teacher called Herr Ball. At our local hospital you can be treated by Doctor DeAth and Sister Pain. All true!

  115. Hout says:

    I worked in the Netherlands with a Fokje Bos, which is pronounced as F*ck Your Boss.

  116. Spud says:

    This is hilarious. Best laugh I have had all day.

  117. Cool Girl says:

    There was a TV commercial here for wheelchair lifts to be put in your home, and the owner on the commercial was named Randy Dick! I guess it’s not as bad in the US as it would be in the UK.

  118. Dan says:

    Are these real?

  119. hipchic says:

    I have several. I went to school with a bunch of Rabbits. You guessed it, their first names were Bunny, Peter, Jack, and Venessa. I can’t even remember the rest. You can look it up though. They live in Webster Groves MO and went to Webster High School.

    I also work with someone name “Harry Beaver”.. What cruel parents he must have had!!

  120. hipchic says:

    I almost forgot one of the best! When I was in College, I worked for a hospital. I worked in the communications dept. which meant I called the announcments over the intercom. Any, there was a Dr. who last name was Potapotti. I am not sure anymore of the spelling, but all I know is when he needed to be paged, I was not able to say “Potapotti” over the intercom without laughing…..

  121. estelle says:

    I went to middle school with a girl named “Anita Leah Mann”. Whether she went by her first name, her middle name, or all three, it was all bad.

  122. Kevbo says:

    In the late 80s at SUNY at Buffalo (University at Buffalo), there was a statistics professor by the name of Peter Enis. Consequently in class listings he’d be found as “P. Enis”.

  123. Larry says:

    hey I work for Walmart as a cashier. I cashed a check for a guy from Laos his 1st name was Du, his last name was Du. Hence Du Du. All I could do was keep a straight face and say have a nice day Mr Du as I handed him his receipt!!! LMAO

  124. Solitare says:

    Mishawaka, IN – Haywood Jablowme. Check it on White Pages!
    Coloma, MI – Harry Johnson Insurance. Recently changed their name…
    Edwardsburg, MI – Richard Cox. Nuff said.

  125. harharhar says:

    Two words: Tobin Buttram.

  126. Bully says:

    I know a girl who works in a bank. Her name is Linda Head. Not so bad in itself but her middle name is Isabel.

  127. Julia says:

    In my line of work I speak to LOADS of people everyday. I’ve spoken to a Mary Christmas. Mr Charles Micock (but he made us write his name on our databank as C. Micock) only today I spoke to a Mrs. Boobyer (laughed my arse off!)

  128. Julia says:

    oh i just remembered another. I used to have a french teacher called Silver Del Homo. Oh how we laughed!!

  129. Nathan says:

    used to work with a guy named Jack Mehoff

  130. Carly says:

    I went to high school with a girl named Jenna Toll. Her dad was a principle, I mean he should know better.

  131. markt says:

    What about Misty Hyman US high diver

  132. Nitrox says:

    My high school teachers fiance – Richard Semen

  133. crash course says:

    What were Mr Payne’s parents thinking when they named him!

  134. Spacemadness » Blog Archive » The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets says:

    [...] Some of these are just brutal. [...]

  135. kittybeeotch says:

    There is a OB/GYN in Allentown, Pa…Dr.Greybush

  136. kittybeeotch says:

    Oh, I almost forgot, my dad had a friend Dick Heiney

  137. Adam says:

    Went to college with this guy….Mark Ramdarass.

  138. SwanShadow says:

    Then there’s Dr. Wang, the urologist:

  139. LARRY says:

    One of my fraternity brothers’ father was named Gene Pool…no joke!

  140. lynne says:

    Went to high school with Holly Wood and the Horney brothers. Former employee where I work – Unique Hunt.

  141. Mental Floss - Skepticality Forums says:

    [...] Re: Mental Floss ….and of course, they have a website (who doesn’t, these days…) The website has links to such amusing articles as The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets. [...]

  142. McCoy says:

    I know someone named Jack R. Cox

  143. Ian says:

    When I visited our local hospital’s urology department the nurse was called Nurse Cocks.

  144. Sandie says:

    I knew a guy at University named Mike Hawke, he put a sign outside his dorm room that said “mike hawke lives here” someone came along and added underneath it “too bad mike hunt doesn’t”! Also there is a guy in Fort Nelson BC named Harry Dick…no word of a lie!

  145. solomon says:

    There re a few Ophelia Ball’s around… http://briles.net/gh/d0004/g0000087.html

  146. The Morningstarr* - 10 most unfortune named people says:

    [...] 10 most unfortune named people Oh dear. YuppiePunk The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets __________________ Entertainment TRF: For all your Entertainment needs ‘I’d sit alone and watch your light, My only friend through teenage nights, And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio’ [...]

  147. Vitamin Supplements says:

    I went to school with a Ben Dover, seems to be a common, comedy name :D

  148. Vitamin Supplements says:

    Also knew someone called Richard Head :D

  149. Halima says:

    Wow. Talk about unfortunate. Geez.

  150. Alex says:

    Mi Suk Cox??? You’ve gotta be kidding me! :) ))

  151. Anurag Bhateja says:

    What i funny in the name Anurag huh? Tht means LOVE. And Dikshit should not be seperated as this is a surname in Hindi not in your stupid lnguage.

  152. RC says:

    There was this guy named “Dick Trickle”.

  153. PoPoDomains says:

    I knew a man years ago named Bud Weiser!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. SJKC says:

    I think that if i had names like that i would have to change it ASAP.

  155. Q. Tehe says:

    te he … Dick Chopp …

  156. voodoo doll says:

    anyone ever watch tv? don’t forget about Duchon Mandic.

  157. fancy pants says:

    i used to work under a mr. randy hooker.

  158. Sam Berger says:

    I don’t think it’s very funny.

  159. Autumnrose says:

    Jesus…and I thought my last name, Fatton, was bad…
    But I went to school with Ima Pusseeter (pronounced Pusseater).
    And I have a cousin names Dick Pahoota…

  160. Autumnrose says:

    Oh, and I forgot…
    My boyfriend’s dad works with a guy named Jimmy Dean (Like the sausage brand xD)

  161. little bastard says:

    former prime minister of australia was Andrew Peacock, Drew is commonly used to shorten the name: Drew Peackock

  162. http://www.golfnorwich.com/ says:

    poor bastards.


  163. nazz says:

    there’s a girl in my school named Rebecca Humpington.

  164. tom99k says:

    I have a teacher Called Mr.Bonar.

    Do not know his first name.

  165. Seymour Butts says:

    Jack Cass – High School teacher of a friend.
    Holden Johnson- brother of one of my friends
    Twanna Morehead- Went to high school with her

  166. CJ Savvy says:

    A shop in downtown Kuala Lumpur has the name Wee Ken Fatt on it facade. A couple of units down the street is another that announces Soh Ken Wee. Facing them on the opposite side of the road is a big sign declaring Soh Huat.

  167. kevin abel says:


    Also :
    Candi Cain
    London Bridges

  168. TD says:

    Have come across a few Richard Heads.
    Once had neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Showers, who named daughter April.
    Coworker goes by first 2 initials, BJ Hunter.

  169. 1karma says:

    The Dr. Who did my vasectomy was named Richard Tapper (or) Dick Tapper. No lie look him up in Toledo Ohio.

  170. prozie says:

    Then there’s this Allstate agent from Pasadena, TX


  171. Bob says:

    When you said that Lucius Pusey changed his name to Seymour, I thought he changed it to “Seymour Pusey”, which wouldn’t have been that much better. After following the link, though, I discovered that he actually changed it to “Lucius Seymour.”

  172. Dean says:

    I lived in a town where three families lived in a row on a cul-de-sac in this order
    The Head Family
    The Buttz family
    The Foote Family

  173. Dean says:

    There were also a brother and sister who were named Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert Cabbagestalk

  174. Dean says:

    Not to mention the Catholic family whose 10 kids were all named after saints and the twins were Joseph and Mary.

  175. Barry says:

    One of my bosses at the Pentagon in the 80’s was Air Force Colonel Richard Head. Of course, he said he’d “heard them all.” And, oddly enough, he was a regular guy! I would’ve thought a name like that would doom you to self-fulfilling the prophecy!

  176. Tony says:

    Don’t think anyone mentioned Hugh Chardon and I saw a Russian Volleyball player name Jakmeov on TV once

  177. Mary says:

    There is an obgyn in the Twin Cities named Dr. Laura Waschbusch

  178. Janelle says:

    Met a guy names Harold Weiner as a recruter….wonder why he was looking for a job?! Lol!

  179. Christie says:

    Worked for a land developer in Colorado. Another developer that we were working with was named Richard Palmer. OF COURSE he went by “Dick.” Get it, Dick Palmer? Why do they always go by Dick? His business card said Richard, but along C-470, he had some property for sale with a huge sign that said “Call Dick Palmer.” He WAS pretty much a dick and all the guys at work made fun of him whenever he left our office.

  180. André says:

    Norma Stitz?

  181. Mark says:

    “Oral Fagg” I actually spoke to this guy before he died. Never did understand why he got so many phone calls from people who just laughed hysterically and hung up—- http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/SingleIndexIndView.aspx?ix=ssdiall&hpp=1&rf=*,z*&qt=i&zassn=486&zgssn=58&zsssn=6923&highlight=oral%2cfagg

  182. Mark says:


  183. http://www.floors4u.net/ says:

    I had a teacher in school. Izadore A. Wall (is a door a wall?)
    Why would parents do this to their kids?

  184. In NC says:

    My vet’s name is Dr. Kim Beagle, seriously. :)

  185. Flash Drive says:

    Back in the eighties the superintendant of schools here in Montgomery County, MD was Harry Pitt. And what about Billy Packer?

  186. MMA says:

    Don’t think anyone mentioned Hugh Chardon and I saw a Russian Volleyball player name Jakmeov on TV once

  187. TheZeroCard says:

    > Nashville TN, phone directory

    Lotsa guys, especially gays, don’t want to be listed and don’t want the phone company to have any more of their money than they can extract with regular thumbscrews and the bargain basement rack. But the phone company lets you be listed however you want to. That’s one of the reasons why you see the occasional Jacques Itche (etc) listed in the phone book.

  188. YOMAMMA says:

    I had a friend named
    Dick V Agina and he was indian or something. D;

  189. 迷你存倉 says:

    I find that I get a serious case of add when reading blogs. There’s so much information out there I tend to read as much of

    it as I can & never really stop to think to comment on people posts! How rude of me….. :

  190. TIGADETH says:

    My sister knew a girl whose name was Crystal Lear. And what did her kind parents do? Gave her the middle name Chandal.
    Crystal Chandal Lear…why must people do that to their kids?

  191. Ocean Transportation says:

    There were also a brother and sister who were named Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert Cabbagestalk

  192. decoratiVe works says:

    hah !There is an obgyn in the Twin Cities named Dr. Laura Waschbusch

  193. Walkthisway says:

    I used to work with a woman named Debbon Ayer.
    I went to college with Candace Cain. And I know a woman who named her son Dustin Payne. She is Dr. Payne. A girl in my home town Debbie Apple married a guy with the last name of Presser: Debbie Apple Presser. I have also met a Ginger Hale and an older lady named Hedda Fleiss.

  194. Wholesale Electronics says:

    I find that I get a serious case of add when reading blogs. There’s so much information out there I tend to read as much of http://www.3cmicro.com/usb-flash-disk-model-zyg02-p-43.html

  195. Schnizzle says:

    All true:
    Major Richard Head – UK Major
    Martin Battcock – My ex-neighbor
    Crystal Beaver – My ex-customer

    Another ex-customer named Gay said she dated a guy with the last name Barre. They never got married, but it would have been funny.

  196. Schnizzle says:

    I forgot one. I worked with a guy named Dustin Nguyen from Vietnam. He picked his American name because he liked the song.

  197. Justin Cannon says:

    There is a guy in my home town that runs a Checkers Burger Joint thats name is Richard Rash (no shit)

    Nobody makes burgers and fries like god ol’ Dick Rash!!

  198. karen says:

    In Massachusetts, a boys camp “Ramsbottom”

  199. karen says:

    Oh, and Ming Dong….that name rings a bell

  200. allen says:

    We had a new kid in our 5th grade who’s name was Richard
    Whiskey. We just called him Dick liquor for short.

  201. Skippy T.Farnsworth says:

    One of my high school principals was named Ms Weiner.Straight up. The biggest perv teacher…who would kiss a chicks ass if she had developed big tits and was straight up cold and mean to fat chicks and ugly girls was named…MR. DICKS! We had a math teacher who dressed 70’s in the 80’s and 90’s who was a little effeminate named Dunwoodie. There was a kid whose name I cant spell,but was pronounced Trashnuts. I was a in a punk band for a minute called Dressed to Molest and was gonna(and still may) call my self The Reverand Eustace Longfellow!!!! I hope I made SOMEBODYS day!?!?!

  202. neoknows says:

    just saw your interview at pophangover and i had to add my 2 cents. i went to school with a girl named mary christmas, no joke. what parent would do that to a child!?! funny list i enjoyed it thank you

  203. Frank says:

    There is a news anchor in Knoxville Tn and her name was Anita Dick.

  204. Jimguru says:

    These names are all ’shopped.

  205. Sterling says:

    my old lunch lady was named Candy Kane

  206. Rebecca says:

    My Dad went to school with a girl named Anne Butt (yes, I have seen the yearbook)…and her father’s name was Harry Butt. My Father insists this is true.

  207. Jen says:

    Also in West Hills, CA and also an OB/GYN – Dr. Lauren Hyman

  208. gooke says:


  209. Jimmy says:

    I went to school with a guy named ‘Chris Peacock’
    Funny as fuck!

  210. Anita says:

    I went to a Chiropractor named Dr. Bender

  211. Halli says:

    What, where is Kim Yoo Suk, the korean olympiad

    He was winning until the crowd started chanting his name.



  212. Pretty Lush says:

    I’m thinkin’ Lucious parents knew what the f*ck was up. Not cool.

  213. Mer says:

    There’s someone at work called Gay Annable. I always think of a gay Hannable Lector when I hear her name.

  214. Flash Drive says:

    my old lunch lady was named Candy Kane

  215. zzzzz says:

    I went to school with a guy name Fuckmadin Ali Halam Amaniggah
    i know… it’s odd lol.

  216. matt says:

    one of my oldest and closest friends changed his name from William (short name “Will”) Cum. He always tried to tell us it was pronounced C*OO*M.

    even though he legally changed his name, i still laff, and use his old name

  217. isatwithladyboysfirst says:

    I used to work for the UK manufacturer of Jockey shorts, the factory manager was Ivor Kinghorn,

  218. Milkman says:

    Car dealer in Cincinnati: Walt Sweeny

  219. Dave the Rave says:

    Had a woman in Tampa named Sarah Screws. And a urologist name David Cockburn.

  220. Kyle says:

    My dad used to tell me about a guy he knew named Dick Holder.

  221. Jeep says:

    Library in Kerrville Texas is named Butt – Holdsworth Memorial Library. Butt is for the originator of the HEB grocery store chain…not sure who Holdsworth was.

  222. cedric says:

    My son played hockey with a kid who’s dad is named Dick Wacker and he lays pipe for a living. He’s a plumber in Northern VA.

  223. 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internet « The Intelligencer says:

    [...] 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internet 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internet [...]

  224. Carl says:

    One of the names in our family tree is Balz. A great-great uncle married a woman named Ophelia.

  225. Robert Fagot says:


  226. Joe Blow says:

    This is no joke, met a guy who looked up names on his corporate directory, I don’t want to say the name (IBM) and found – Anal Blower. I shit you not.

  227. Janice says:

    Guy I work for: Byron Footlick

    Now this next one, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but he totally embraced this himself, and he was a great guy. His name was Richard Tie (this is completely true) and he had a necktie with a picture of a penis on it, and he would wear it to parties. Some of these are made up…this one is not.

  228. Bayne Zane says:

    What about Harden Long

  229. lauren says:

    i had a teacher called Mrs Handcock
    she got married
    is now called Mrs Hardstaff

  230. DS says:

    I need a whore: http://www.myspace.com/youranitahoare

  231. Cheeseman says:

    Went through Basic Trining with a guy named Hesuk James Yang

  232. wakay holbrook says:

    there is an obgyn in our town named richard boener makes husbands nervous

  233. val says:

    i had a teacher named Harry Wong

  234. Kirara says:

    this is kinda an anti-bad-name list…
    manliest names…the number one is freakin awesome….

  235. tommy says:

    i had a teacher named mr. douche.. some kid who used to go to my school was named long wang (asian) and one of my old teachers was ms. cox.

  236. Ned says:

    There’s a kid in my class named andrew peacock… Drew peacock

  237. ilikedragon says:

    Anurag Dikshit got screwed over for online gambling, so I guess he will care if we laugh at his name. Don’t believe me? Look it up on google.

  238. cool person says:

    i had a teacher called Mrs Handcock
    she got married
    is now called Mrs Hardstaff
    Stranger Worlds | Stranger News | Stranger Humors | World stranger Facts | World stranger Pictures

  239. mimi says:

    my mom has a financial advisor named Rob Aiken. Also had a minister with last name Sermon. Also, a local coffee shop in our town was owned by a family named…you guessed it… Coffey.

  240. aldo says:

    went to court and faced judge E Bailiff, also went to school with a Richard blower. yip dickblower

  241. Lori Cappozzi says:

    I has two close friend: Hugh G. Dick and Candy Kane, and a Chinese neighborhood Kung Kung

  242. frapple666 says:

    There was a guy in my class called Simen.
    Sometimes he would be called out by “semen” and everybody would laugh their asses off.

  243. Mike says:

    Had a teacher in junior high named Mike Rach. He swore it was pronounced “Rock”…Bullshit!! lol

  244. Paul says:

    My father went to school with a guy called Wayne Kerr.

  245. Weilong says:

    There’s a guy at my office called Bob Manbeavers. I might be spelling it wrong, but that’s how everybody says it.

  246. mugen says:

    one of math teachers my dad had in High school was named Dick Manrod.

  247. althepal says:

    When my mother was a nurse in the maternity ward, a lady gave birth to male twins and named them Orangelo and Lemongelo. (orange jello and lemon jello)

  248. erik says:

    went to school with a harry bush

  249. Bill says:

    When I worked at the post office there was a box with the name Peter Puhl. Sometimes he would get mail with last name first, Puhl Peter.

  250. Geo says:

    A doctor we know….

  251. Geo says:


  252. Laughing says:

    Native girls in Alberta: Lucy Leatherhole, Cassandra Big Throat

  253. Artamus says:

    Dick Pole.. Batting coach for the SF Giants

  254. Art says:

    Two court of Queens Bench Judges in NB Canada + Judge H. Strange http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/Deaths.20080516.93153349/BDAStory/BDA/deaths and Judge Savage both precided at the same time.
    worked with a fellow who was Justin Inch a few years bach

  255. Chris says:

    I worked with a guy in the Navy named Cleveland Brown, but the funniest one I heard was when we had a “man overboard” drill. I have no clue what this guy’s first name was, but his rating was Interior Communications Mate 2nd Class, eg IC2 Nutz!

  256. Jamie says:

    Sally Mangina is a friend of mine’s mother – it is said – like Man, then the name Gina, so, like, mangeena. Just thought you all might like to know that it’s not as humorous when you actually know the truth. :)

  257. Canuck says:

    I went to school with a girl named Kerry Hunt.
    I also once attended a seminar given by guy named Jack Goff. I don’t recall if that’s the correct spelling, but that’s exactly how he pronounced it when he introduced himself.

  258. As 10 pessoas com o nome mais inoportuno da internet « Muitolegal’s Blog says:

    [...] Para visualizar, clique aqui. Para visualizar a versão traduzida para o português, clique [...]

  259. Sean says:

    I definitely nominate “Elsie Ophelia Dickson”

  260. rob thompson says:

    how about doctor jermy (germie), he never washed his hands.

  261. Thomas says:

    Randal Gay corner in the NFL

    Randal long for Randy which is another word for horny.


  262. DFG says:

    Sultan McDoom


  263. fiks spaniard says:

    in my town in germany theres a dr alzheimer :D me and friend pissed ourselfs laughing when we saw the sign infront of the door xD

  264. monkey nuts says:

    I knewa gay couple named Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick

  265. flange says:

    What about the UK Schools minister Ed Balls?

  266. xploited says:

    fucking hilarious lol

  267. The Dude says:

    Girl at work, married now but name was Iona Pigg. Also guy at work Shaun Ramm. Funniest was a business card my friend showed me from when he worked in Bangkok – accountant called Pijama Supaporn. I think I saw the dvd…

  268. Paul says:

    That’s hard to have such names.

  269. Frank says:

    Name of a doctor from along Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills – Houman Maboobi

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  275. TC says:

    When my grandmother had a stroke, she was treated by a “Dr. Slaughter”. It was like the title of a bad 80s horror movie.

  276. a couple more... says:

    1) My brother roomed for a few years with “Harris Butts”. He said his guy friends always laughed themselves silly right away upon hearing the name; girls either didn’t get it, or were sorry for the guy.
    2) Hubby had a co-worker who was introduced at a very important meeting to a guy who was, like, a VP of Nokia or something — named “Bent Winkie”.
    3) I used to work at Texas Instruments and there was a guy on the phone list named “Dick Hung”. Wowsers.

  277. Alison Moore Smith says:

    Went to high school with a girl named Pebbles. She did not have a brother name Bamm-Bamm to my knowledge.

  278. trab yearc says:

    Coach Pat Head Summit of the Tennessee Lady Vols, the winningest coach in college history is the daughter of the late Richard Head and yes, he went by Dick.

  279. furiouspsych says:

    I didn’t read all these comments, but Lucius Pusey’s father is named Horatius Pusey!? WOW…so he tortured his son the same

  280. Angela says:

    There is a gynecologist in my town named Dr Fillerup. Also I went to school with a kid whose last name was Balls, his moms name was Kitty and his dads name was Harry.

  281. Billy says:

    My orthodontist was Dr. Payne.

  282. Sean says:

    Willy Geddermoist from Humptulips Washington

  283. rebecca says:

    I once flew on an airplane piloted by Captain Kirk, no lie! And the head curator at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii was/is named Donald Duckworth. He was born the year before Walt Disney created the animated character.

  284. dirtyape says:

    An Indian dentist in called Anil Ramon.

    An artillery gunner with the surname of Rhea. Gunner Rhea.

    A Major in army, Major Cockburn (pronouced Co-Burn btw but still highly embarrassing if you are not aware of that and yell out “I’m looking for Major CockBurn” in a crowded room – LFMM)

    A guy in the Navy with surname of Stains, Seaman Stains.

  285. Dr.Marc says:

    I have agreed with the post. How did you come with this great idea? Can you share some reference?

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  286. Dave Canoy says:

    In the city of Bartlesville OK you will find Doctors Webb (podiatrist) Hatchet and Carver (surgeons) and Peaster (Urology).

  287. Stone Cladding Guy says:

    My wife went to school with Jack Horner. I’m not joking…. I think his parents smoked a lot of pot!

  288. solar power brisbane says:

    mangina? How unfortunate

  289. Girl in cold water says:

    [...] YuppiePunk » The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets 8 Jul 2007. You guys are forgetting the best NASCAR driver ever…. Dick Trickle… One of my fraternity brothers' father was named Gene Pool…no joke! YuppiePunk » The 10 Most Unfortunately Named People on the Internets [...]

  290. Lightweight Construction says:

    haha! love it!

    You need to add “sheila dikshit” from the Commonwealth Games!

    One of my mates at school’s mum was called Choo Choo. When she would pick up my mate from school we would say “here comes the 3:20 to glenhaven”

  291. roof insulation says:

    Definatley the nascar driver…. Dick Trickle is the funniest name i’ve ever heard! Also, the AFL football player Steel Sidebottom!

  292. Terrance Phillips says:

    Phillip Mike Hunt

  293. Rate doctors says:

    I think its a perfect way to get named at the people on the internets.

  294. Fuckwang Doucheatwat says:

    I used to live with a gal named Fillmypussy Withagiantloadofcum. She was a Protestant.

  295. eric says:

    Crye-Leike realtors owner is named Dick Leike…look it up if you don’t believe me

  296. John D says:

    I once had a car accident with a George Schmuck. It was his fault he backed into me at a traffic light. He was trying to give a tractor trailer room to turn into the street we were exiting. He totally crumpled my hood. When I asked to see his license, I thought this guy really lives up to his name.

  297. Tracey C says:

    Work with a guy named Richard Stillhard, who says don’t call me Dick!!

  298. joester says:

    yoo know there is a fish by the name of slippery dick

  299. Matt says:

    How about a man named Mike Litoris?

  300. Sara says:

    I never met her, but a friend showed me this girl’s name in his school photos. Ophelia Dickie. I kid you not.

  301. chase s. says:

    i am sitting next to a guy right now that is named jack goff