YuppiePunk | Aperture Music Podcast #2

Welcome to the second YuppiePunk | Aperture Music podcast. This month’s edition: all covers. And just as last time, the fine fellows at Aperture Music have put together a kickass playlist for your listening pleasure. You can download the songs ala carte (until they expire) or subscribe to the podcast via the link at the bottom of the post. The podcast features a sexy automated DJ that we think is the cat’s pajamas, so if you simply go ala carte you’re really missing out. Without further ado, podcast number two (hey, that rhymed!):

David Bowie – “Mother” [only available in the podcast]
While working on a John Lennon tribute album that eventually got shelved, we received a copy of Bowie redoing this John Lennon classic. As far as we know, we’re the only other people besides Bowie to have a copy of it – until now. It was originally commissioned by Yoko Ono for the compilation. You’re welcome.

The Ramones – “Baby I Love You”
When someone asks what your favorite Ramones song is, it isn’t usually this one, but the song is an overlooked gem: romantic, nostalgic and hey, at least Phil Spector didn’t murder anyone while recording it.

The Futureheads – “Piece of Crap”
These guys are one of our favorite current bands and probably the best live show you’ll see right now. They usually end with this cool Neil Young cover.

Inara George – “Fools In Love”
Inara George is another one of our favorite contemporary artists. You’ll find this track on her amazing debut, “All Rise.” Joe Jackson should be proud.

The Beach Boys – “You Should’ve Known Better”
We had to include a Beatles cover and we sure as hell weren’t going to include anything from the “I Am Sam” soundtrack. This is a cool, casual recording that makes us wonder why more bands don’t record albums just sitting around with friends playing acoustic guitars.

Wilco – “One Hundred Years From Now”
This song is taken from a Gram Parsons tribute album that also includes great recordings from Elvis Costello, the Pretenders and Los Lobos. We included it here because we love Wilco as much as we love Gram Parsons.

Mr. Banjo – “Real Situation”
When Bob Marley’s music isn’t changing the world, Mr. Banjo’s is.

The Plugz – “La Bamba”
Rumor has it this is the original Richie Valens demo for the song.

Claudine Longet – “God Only Knows”
Longet recorded this Beach Boys track a few years before starring in Blake Edwards’ masterpiece “The Party,” and a few years before shooting and killing her Olympic skiing lover.

Magnet – “Lay Lady Lay”
It’s hard to do a Dylan cover, but this one does Bobby justice by putting a unique spin on the original.

Feist – “Secret Heart”
This cover is from an amazing debut album by a singer/songwriter who has worked with one of our fave bands, Kings of Convenience. The original was written by the Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith who has released one great album after another. Please buy all of his records — and this one too.

M Ward – “You Still Believe In Me”
We hate to include a second Beach Boys cover, but this is such a lovely finale.

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  2. Dick Van Dyke says:

    Great work. Thanks.

  3. anon says:

    the futureheads song isn’t a neil young cover, it’s one of their own.

  4. YuppiePunk World HQ says:


    At the very least, the Futureheads version of “Piece of Crap” was inspired by the Neil Young tune. The lyrics of the Futureheads version do seem to be a bit different, but the chorus of both songs is pretty darn similiar. Several other sources also refer to the Futureheads version as a Neil Young cover, so we’re not sure there’s a definitive verdict either way. Thanks for listening though.

  5. mannythedog says:

    that bowie track is rad. thanks for sharing!

  6. dont_look_at_me says:

    hey can you please reupload god only knows?