Q&A: Fat Mike of NOFX

NOFX have been pretty elusive with regards to interviews over the past decade or so — particularly from pesky pop culture websites — so we were flattered when the band’s singer, songwriter, bass player and political activist, Fat Mike, agreed to give us just a wee bit of his time.

Last month, NOFX released a religiously-charged EP, “Never Trust a Hippie,” and on April 18th, they’ll release their umpteenth full-length “Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing” on Fat Wreck Chords. We prodded Fat Mike via email and asked him to answer a couple of our dumb questions about religion, yuppies and Dick Cheney.

What was your reaction to hearing Dick Cheney had shot a dude in the face?
I felt bad, but I was really hoping that old dude would die. I like how the lady who owned the ranch said that Cheney peppered the other guy. Peppered? It was a fucking shotgun. That night I went to a nice restaurant and had peppered quail. For real.

Why did it take so long for NOFX to mix their punk with their politics?
If you look at our old records, you will find that we have always had political and socio-political songs. We just started being more politically active when it looked like Bush might win the election in 2000. It’s a good thing he didn’t, or we’d be in big trouble now. Doh.

Religion seems to play a large role on “Never Trust a Hippie,” and seeing how NOFX has had a rabid fan base for over a decade, do you think that NOFX have become a sort of religion to this legion of loyal fans?
I don’t think so. Our loyal fans are drunks and addicts and queers and jerks and assholes. They like NOFX for good music and a good time.

You are famously indulgent – does having a baby on board put a damper on your lifestyle?
When I’m at home, I’m a pretty responsible dad. When I’m on tour, things haven’t changed much.

Can one be both a yuppie and a punk?
Most certainly.

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  1. amber says:

    the concert in tulsa,ok was fucking great. my husband ricky wanted to if you still hung around a guy he went to school with named EDDIE STABB? he drove a red or maroon van to pick up equiment of the bands. he wanted to say something in tulsa but couldn’t.

  2. Jake Witmer says:

    Glad to see that you part ways with Jello Biafra philosophically. NOFX is probably lyrically the best punk band in the universe, along with bad brains’ ROIR. We need more anti-religion, anti-prohibition, free-market, libertarian, anarcho-capitalist (not corporate-fascist! there’s a difference!), abolitionist, INDIVIDUALIST PUNK BANDS! Keep kicking ass!

  3. SkinnyPete says:

    Fat Mike is Jew.

  4. Dr. Robert says:

    NOFX is the second greatest band of all time, behind Weezer of course.

  5. rob says:

    ive seen nofx 10 times and been listening to them from the early 90’s. those fuckers are old as shit. went to see them on 6-08 and it was there best show ive seen them play. they did the whole decline ep flawlessly. one of the greatest things ive ever witnessed. it was worth every penny and i cant wait for them to come back. greatest band ever. hands down.

  6. khuluq says:

    nofx is the best….!!!!,thank you

  7. sir jorge says:

    i can’t believe that they are in their 40’s and still rockin hard

  8. michael says:

    Propagandhi is the best.

  9. Shutup says:

    Anti religion my arse. People should be free to worship whoever and whatever. It’s punk rock rabid Nazi dicks like you who ruin it for the rest of us. Shove your nut roast up your smelly hippy arse. NOFX rule by the way. As you were…

  10. Party says:

    The millionaire record salesman Fat Mike must feel guity for driving all over the world burning fossil fuels and singing stupid songs. I still love NOFX, but Mike owes W Bush a debt of graditute for doubling his record sales.

  11. john says:

    i saw nofx, after many years of waiting, in belfast NI, this year. incredible!
    nobodies perfect. nofx arent pefect. thats why i love ‘em. for their idealism. for their cynicism. for there “fuck this shit, i jus wanna have fun”. its only human to have all these things bangin round. if they were po-faced mutherfuckers who didnt have fun cos “thats what THEY want you to do” it wouldnt be the same. nofx are human. most bands pretend they arent.

  12. Izaak says:

    Does he said ” If you look to our old records you will find we have always had political and social politcal songs”.
    I like NOFX, but if you look at the earlier days ( Liberal Animation – 1988 for exemple ) you will see. There´s nothing “social-politcal ” songs.
    Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo said : “Don’t waste your breath yelling at me,
    About animal rights,
    And how they should be free,
    It’s survival of the fittest,
    And we’re winning.”

    They´ve changed for better, that´s why I lke theese guys xD