Know Your Judge Show Bailiffs

What you are witnessing is real. The participants are not actors. They are actual bailiffs with litigants to protect in a civil court. All bailiffs have agreed to dismiss their real badges and have their characteristics discussed here, in our forum: YuppiePunk dot org.

Show: “The People’s Court”
Bailiffs: Rusty Burrell (1981-1993); Josephine Ann Longobardi (1997-2001); Davy Jones (2001); Douglas MacIntosh (2001-Present)
Fun fact: Rusty Burell, who served under Judge Wapner, was the bailiff for the infamous Manson trial in the 1960’s; Current bailiff Douglas MacIntosh has parlayed his success into recurring roles on the daytime soaps “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.”
Verdict: All hail Rusty Burrell, king of the judge show bailiffs (Sorry Douglas!).

Show: “Judge Joe Brown”
Bailiffs: “Miss Holly” Evans (1998-2006); “Miss Sonia” Montejano (2006-present)
Fun fact: Montejano enforced security for Courtney Love and Winona Ryder’s court cases during her time as a bailiff in Beverly Hills, California. She also endorses a Studio City reality firm.
Verdict: Miss carriage of justice.

Show: “Eye For an Eye”
Bailiff: Former boxer Big Sugar Ray Phillips
Fun fact: The series was once hosted by OJ houseboy Kato Kaelin.
Verdict: Adding “Big” in front of anyone’s name ups the intimidation factor threefold.

Show: “Judge Judy”
Bailiff: Petri Hawkins-Byrd
Fun fact: Hawkins-Byrd and Judge Judy worked together during their pre-TV years, and when the bailiff found out his previous boss had landed her own TV show, he wrote her a note saying, “If you ever need a bailiff, I still look good in uniform.” The judge agreed, and gave him the gig.
Verdict: Richest. Bailiff. Ever.

Show: “Judge Maria Lopez”
Bailiff: Pete Rodriguez
Fun fact: Producers cast one-time firefighter Rodriguez after spotting him working behind the scenes on several NYC-area TV shows including “Ricki Lake.”
Verdict: Usted es un excelente agente judicial.

Show: “Judge Mathis”
Bailiff: Brendan Anthony Moran (1999 – 2002); Doyle Devereux (2002 – present)
Fun fact: The show’s original bailiff, Brendan Anthony Moran, died after falling from a balcony; Replacement bailiff Doyle Devereux appeared in the 1991 John Candy dud “Only the Lonely” as a tuxedo salesman.
Verdict: Bailiffs and balconies don’t mix. Same with bad movies.

Show: “Divorce Court”
Bailiff: Joseph “Joe” Catalano
Fun Fact: Catalano, a 28-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in California, has served under two judges on the show, both Mablean Ephraim and Lynn Toler.
Verdict: Kickass mustache.

Show: “Judge Hatchett”
Bailiff: Tom O’Riordan
Fun fact: O’Riordan received the Medal of Commendation for rescuing a fellow officer who was taking a beating.
Verdict: O’right!

Show: “Judge David Young”
Bailiff: Tawnya Young
Fun fact: Worked as a lieutenant at a Brooklyn small claims Court. “She’s my Costello, and I’m her Elvis,” says the judge. “I’m Jackie, and she’s Norton.”
Verdict: Everbody loves that famous comedy duo Elvis and Costello.

Show: “Christina’s Court”
Bailiff: Renard Spivey
Fun fact: Looks a lot like muscle-bound actor Michael Clarke Duncan.
Verdict: Definitely not related to Gary Spivey.

MIA: Victor Scott, “Judge Alex”; Russel Brown, “Moral Court”

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  1. Jake Witmer says:


  2. deborah rogers says:

    Love baliff Peter Rodriguez on Maria Lopez – He’s so funny when he breaks up laughing at litigants remarks! Not to mention, he’s so cute – is he married? Would love an email reply or call (585) 342-8526 from him. I’m an older woman age 48, & not interested in anything other than hearing from him – unless he’s interested & unattached. Hope to hear from Pete – Love his smile! D. Rogers

  3. david says:

    Hey..you guys need to post a hot picture of MISS SONIA on judge joe brown,,with her skirt and gun…That girl has some hot legs!!!

  4. Joya says:

    for the comment on judge David Youngs fun facts I do believe that Elvis costello is a rock band and the famous comedy team of Abbott and Costello is probably who you had in mind instead of Elvis and Costello. Sorry I just love trivia!!!

  5. YuppiePunk World HQ says:

    Er, Joya, we’re quite familiar with Abbott and Costello… but apparently Judge David Young isn’t. He’s the one that screwed it up in his quote — not us. We were just pointing out his mistake. Wait, why are we pointing this out to you????

  6. Paula says:

    I can’t stand reality or court shows HOWEVER I ran across Christina’s Court while channel surfing. I am a groupie for Renard Spivey!! I don’t even turn the sound up because most of the cases are so silly but looking at all the muscles makes it worth the brief glimpses!!

  7. Katherine says:

    LOVE Tom O’Riordan on Judge Hatchett – he’s such a hottie!! Anyone know how old he is or if he’s married? I guess it doesn’t matter – it’s not like I’ll ever meet him or have a chance with him if I did!

    Of course, Rusty the Bailiff will always be the KING!!!!!!

  8. deborah rogers says:

    Just commenting on judge alex show – & his baliff Victor – Love his show & How they bantor back & forth – loved the episode when Judge Alex asked Victor to try on a wig – can’t remember the case, but Victor just told Judge Alex – “You 1st!”
    Judge Alex SO handsome! Wish he wasn’t married! Sure he gets plenty of
    hits from many women watching his show – If any way I could just get email reply from him, would “MAKE MY DAY”

  9. Rita says:

    I think Renard Spivey is sooooo cute, sweet, sincere and down to earth. I would like to know if he is married, single, kids, age, what state he lives in and any other personal information that he is willing to share or an e-mail to contact him. Thanks

  10. brendan moran judge mathis | Fooner says:

    [...] YuppiePunk » Know Your Judge Show BailiffsShow: “Judge Mathis” Bailiff: Brendan Anthony Moran (1999 – 2002); Doyle Devereux (2002 – present) Fun fact: The show’s original bailiff, Brendan Anthony Moran, died after falling from a balcony; Replacement bailiff Doyle Devereux …Read More [...]

  11. blackmqqn says:

    doyle from jude mathis is funny as shhhhhhhhh….

  12. mel014u says:

    I can find NO information on Judge Pirro’s bailiff. He’s real cute, especially when groovin’ to music.

    Know the original bailiff got busted for extorting money from tow truck drivers when he was a cop. He’s the only one mentioned anywhere.

  13. Vanessa Turner says:

    What happen to Douglas the Baliff on Judge Pirro Show.

  14. BARBARA R. says:


  15. Michelle T. says:

    I agree with everyone, please bring Victor on Judge Alex. They were so simpatico. I truly miss their banter.


  16. Michelle T. says:

    I too truly miss Victor on Judge Alex. Those two had such great compatibilty; they were fun to watch. Will he ever return?

    This is not spam, I am a daily viewer (loyal).
    M. T.

  17. Keisha says:

    Where is Judge Pirro’s bailiff?

  18. Lawrence Lack says:

    On Judge Judy Off. Byrd wears a star type of shield sometimes and also wears a NYS/NYPD type issued shield. Is one a commerative shield or a “duplicate” from his previous service. Thank you

  19. marilyn mckinley says:

    doyle makes the show great baliff good choice judge

  20. marilyn mckinley says:

    judge judy you are the bomb

  21. marilyn mckinley says:

    judge tolr love your practice of no nonsense

  22. marilyn mckinley says:

    i watch all of your shows faithfully very educational,very uplifting for my days. thanks for the info of life.

  23. Alexandra Cook says:

    Judge Alex is my favorite judge, although I like most of them. I loved the rapport Judge Alex and Victor had, and will miss that. I’m sure I’ll like Mason; I just haven’t had a chance to watch the show since he’s been on. I wish them all the best.

  24. Jonise says:

    Hi I recently graduated from Indiana Tech College (2011) I received my Bachelors degree in criminal justice. I have been watching tv court shows for years and wanted to know how I can become a tv court baliff. Thanks Jonise

  25. Donald Ricci says:

    i think that Sonia the balliff on the judge joe brown show is a very beautiful woman and she should be in movies.

    Thank you and good luck Sonia

  26. Brenda says:

    I am a great fan of Judge Alex. I especially enjoy Mason!!!. Don’t know much about Victor, but I’m sure there are no comparisons in looks!!

  27. Dee says:

    I love Doyle the bailiff on Judge Mathis. And I think Judge Pirro’s bailiff was named Keith, Douglas is Judge Milian’s bailiff on the People’s Court.

  28. Ann says:

    Hi, are you saying Doyle from Judge Mathis is an actual court officer somewhere other than Judge Mathis? And was the previous bailiff Brendan also an actual officer of the courts in Chicago or in law enforcement?

    Also do you have any info on bailiff Tom O’Riordan.

    Thank You.
    Anne aka maxie2go

  29. Anne says:

    Sorry that’s Anne…