Kat Von D Makes Us Purr

Hi, I'm Kat Von D
God bless Kat Von D. Not only is she one foxy momma, but she’s kept a steady stream of internet traffic flowing to this here website. She’s been atop our referring search terms for forever now, and as her popularity continues to grow with the launch of her new series “LA Ink,” so does the traffic into our previous posts about Kat (our original post is here and our Q&A lives here).

Not surprisingly, a lot of folks are looking for naked pics of Ms. Von D. Search terms like “kat von d tits,” “kat von d nude,” and “pictures of kat von d’s vagina” show up frequently in our search logs. For those seeking such goods, here’s a look at a Kat topless. And may we also offer up this shot of Kat’s apple.

A lot of folks also seem pretty interested in Kat’s marital status, as proven by tons o’ searches for “kat von d husband” and “kat von d single.” She has apparently divorced this dude, at least according to her MySpace page and the first episode of “LA Ink,” but it’s certainly not out of the question to think a television network would want to fool fanboys into believing their favorite starlet was single. Yeah, like you’d have a chance anyway! Wanna bet she ends up having Josh Homme’s illegitimate baby or running off with Johnny Knoxville after tattooing his scrotum for “Jackass: 666.”

Also, a lot of you kan’t spell: “kat von dee tattoos,” (thanks for trying!) “katvond” (broken spacebar?), “kat von due” (like fondue, only cheesier), kat von der (what, no Kat Von Duh?), kate von d (how many Kate’s do you know with face tattoos?), “kat von dow” (must. have. three. letters.).

But we’re pleased as punch for all of Kat’s successes. The debut of “LA Ink” drew big numbers. 2.8 million people tuned in for the series premiere, which is fantastic for a cable network like TLC. New episodes will run through October 30th and will feature celebs like Steve-O, Scott Ian of Anthrax and Jesse Metcalf from “Desperate Housewives.” And for those of you hoping to get a Kat Von Tat of your own, check out http://www.lainkcasting.com/.

Update: Based on Mary’s comment below, we should point out that you don’t have to go through a casting director to get tattooed by Kat — that’s only if you want to be featured on the show. Her shop is called High Voltage and is located at 1259 N. La Brea Ave in Los Angeles. According to the shop’s MySpace page, walk-ins are welcome each day after the show is done taping, Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to midnight.

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  1. MARY says:

    man, I think that it sucks that you have to go through a fucking casting call to get a tattoo by ms. von d or anybody else who works there for that matter. I guess thats Hollywood for you.

  2. Warren Hughes says:

    Kat your beautiful with and with out the tatoos . your personality just shines . I did not think much of tatoo shows but got hooked watching you . I hope this just opens the door for you good luck . Warren

  3. heather says:

    i would sell my car and hitch hike to cali to have kat ink me. that was what i asked for as my 30th birthday present. hasn’t happened yet though, lol.

  4. Doug says:

    Kat is hot. I was wondering why she is so alluring, tats or no tats. She is a Pices as am I. She is a very deep person, and creative like most Pices are. What a beautiful person she is. May all the sucess you desire become yours. Good luck in your new venture Kat.

  5. Kat Von D says:

    I would love to see nude pics of Kat von D before you she was all tatted down. Love any pics actually pre tatted down.

  6. mike says:

    i luv her 4 her tats

  7. kev says:

    would love to have a tat by the kat, be well worth the pain, nice to see a really good looking women in a man’s job….!

  8. Manuel says:

    It doesn’t seem that Kat has her feet tatooed. Would like to see some close ups of her feet as well as more pics of her…thank You. We Love Kat!!!!!

  9. Larry says:

    I eat a thousand mile of telephone wire to smell her fart!!!!!

  10. poyznivy says:

    who sings her old opening song ? i want to know now !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dancing with myself ??????????? poyznivy

  11. Amanda Floyd says:

    STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED ! I remember a saying that I think really applies to you – ” Many are the varnish, and only a few are the wood ” I never thought a woman could ignite me sexually, but you rev’ my passion…. May you always find happiness and much success !

  12. eric says:

    would love to see all of kat tats

  13. Lexi says:

    I was in LA about a month or so ago, and I just wanted to see the shop and pick up a High Voltage t shirt. I asked the guy at the front desk what the odds were of getting tattooed there while I was on vacation and he told me to show up the next day at noon and I would get right in. I ended up getting a wrist tat there with no problems at all. They were all really nice and completely snob-free. Getting a tat there is a lot easier than you think!

  14. buckles says:

    I would give up my xbox360 to meet Kat. That is f**kin

  15. tad says:

    Oliver (her x) is a better artist

  16. Brian says:

    Kat is hot with tatoos or no tatoos but it’s just in her face that makes her hot but you could say she has a nice body and nice boobs

  17. Beautiful cat nude woman says:

    [...] YuppiePunk » Kat Von D Makes Us Purr Aug 8, 2007. Kat your beautiful with and with out the tatoos . your personality. I would love to see nude pics of Kat von D before you she was all tatted down.. thought a woman could ignite me sexually, but you rev' my passion… YuppiePunk » Kat Von D Makes Us Purr [...]