George Bush Loves The Melvins

Are you sitting down? Good, because what you are about to see may both shock and titilate. Here at YuppiePunk World HQ, we know that most of our readers don’t think they have much in common with the President and his family, but o loyal readers, you are mistaken. Just like you, George W. Bush is a total fucking dirthead. Here’s the evidence:

We start with a photo of President Bush, overdressed, but front and center at a Melvins show at the Black Cat in D.C.

The next photo shows our Prez at this year’s Ozzfest. Dubya loves the old school Priest. He even dressed like one to the show.

But it’s not just Mr. Bush who loves metal, Mrs. Bush is a closet headbanger as well. Before she was married, she once had a three-way with the rhythm section of Faster Pussycat. Here we see the couple at a black-tie event held for the band Biohazard.

And another shot of the President and First Lady on the White House lawn during a summertime performance by Slayer.

Though Jenna Bush confesses that her favorite new band is Good Charlotte (she thinks Benji’s cute), she and her sister grew up on glam rock bands like Motley Crue and Poison. Here we see the Bush girls and dad at a Dokken reunion, devil horns a blazin’.

Even grandma Bush likes to rock out every now and again. She doesn’t much like the modern metal sounds of today, but she does enjoy Pat Boone’s “In a Metal Mood” and throws her fist up in appreciation. Well sorta.

But the Bush family isn’t the only political family to like the sweet satanic sounds. Bill Clinton is great friends with the guys in Slipknot.

Former VP Dan Quayle is majorly into Deicide.

John Kerry’s former running mate John Edwards is a total hesher as well. He knows every word of every song on “Ride the Lightning.” His favorite track: “Trapped Under Ice.”

Here we see the President with General Tommy Franks in the Iraqi desert about to introduce the overseas troops to a blistering thrash set from Anthrax.

And speaking of the desert, Yasser Arafat doesn’t much dig American metal, but he goes apeshit for early ’80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands like Saxon and Angel Witch.

United States Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge throws a double viking to the gals in the Donnas. They’re not exactly metal, but he thinks Donna A. is super hot.

The dude from “The Breakfast Club” doesn’t much care for the bands of today, but he never met a Deep Purple song he didn’t dig. He also once jammed with Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielson on “Dream Police.”

We wonder if Fetus Spears will be a Sepultura fan like her momma. “I’m a metal slut, ya’ll.”

Here we see Christian singer Amy Grant in a rare shot from a 1990 gig opening for Cannibal Corpse. You can actually hear a slight grindcore influence on a couple of her early tracks.

Everyone knows the first metal song was “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles. And here’s proof that Lennon liked it loud.

“American Idol” contestant Scott Savol may be on the R&B tip on the show, but in his record collection you’ll find more Nuclear Assault than Stevie Wonder.

Your grandma is the definition of old school. Her favorite band: The Scorpions (she actually looks a little like Klaus Meine).

Liz Taylor worships Carcass.

And this last one was recently hacked from Paris’ cell phone. The picture’s caption said simply, “Must. Fuck. Dio.”



  1. jr says:

    funny pics

  2. Anonymous says:

    here’s another one for your gallery:


  3. Hornzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Tom Ridge looks like he could TOTALLY do a few weeks on the Sopranos and not get whacked like Ralphie.

  4. Barely Be says:

    tuhh lol Must Fuck Dio…haha ain’t he the “hottest” face ever lol…LONG LIVE DIO!!!!