Imus & Packer: Nappy-Headed Fags

Hi, we're nappy-headed fags!
It was an interesting week for a pair of broadcasting veterans who let their politically incorrectness fly. First, while bantering about the NCAA tournament, CBS Sports announcer Billy Packer joked to Charlie Rose that he’d probably “fag out” on his request to join him at the Final Four. But Packer’s comments were quickly one-upped by syndicated morning yapper Don Imus, who called the Rutgers women’s basketball team “some nappy headed hos.”

Here’s the Billy Packer footage:

In Packer’s defense, Dictionary.com defines fag as: “to tire or weary by labor,” which is the definition Packer says he intended. “The term has nothing to do with sexuality,” he told the Philadelphia Enquirer. “I think [Charlie Rose] is the most eligible bachelor. It’s about a guy too lazy to get the work… I can assure you I will use that phrase again and I won’t think twice about it. My meaning is genuine.” Then again, Packer once called Alan Iverson a “tough monkey,” though we’re assuming he didn’t intend monkey to mean “primate,” but rather, the British slang meaning “the sum of 500 pounds.”

And here is Mr. Imus’ soliloquy:
Unlike Packer, Imus apologized for his comments. “It was completely inappropriate,” he told listeners on his show, “and we can understand why people were offended. Our characterization was thoughtless and stupid, and we are sorry.”

And so are we.

Update: Both CBS Radio and MSNBC have decided to stop airing Imus’ radio show. Turn out the lights.

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  1. MizB says:

    Oh, please! Yes, Imus’ remark was tacky, but while there’s a lot you can say about the man, a racist he’s not. Political correctness is bullshit; when did we stop laughing at it and start taking it seriously?? We’ve gotten to the point where nobody can say anything. It’s ridiculous. If we as a society could regain our sense of humor and stop taking every thoughtless remark to heart, life would be funnier — and a whole lot easier.

  2. YuppiePunk World HQ says:

    Just because someone’s not a racist doesn’t mean they shouldn’t censor themselves at times. We don’t believe Packer is homophobic or Imus racist, but we do believe they’re kinda stupid for saying what they did under the employ of major media conglomerates. But we also aren’t telling them they shouldn’t have said it. Just poking fun at them for using what we deemed to be bad judgement. Which we did find hilarious by the way.

  3. Geno says:

    Soooooo if YOU were black…and I spotted you across the room…and screamed out: hey, you “nappy headed ho!!!”…that would be just fine…because it’s really nothing more than a “thoughtless remark.”


  4. Rob says:

    We live in America. You don’t have to like it, but anyone can express their opinion however unsavory it may be. Freedom from being OFFENDED is not a guaranteed right.

  5. Terry says:

    When did the words “Nappy”, “Headed”, and “ho’s” become racist terms?? What meeting did I miss? Nappy is a term for fucked up hair, not skin color. They are mean spirited but sure as hell are not racist. Why is it considered racism anytime a black person is made fun of or put down? Black people jump to racism way to fast.

  6. L. says:

    First of all I would like to respond to terry by saying nappy is “race specific” nappy would not be a term used for a white person. And just FYI nappy does not mean “fucked up hair” it means thick and coarse grade of hair which white people do not have. Nappy hair was something black people had to deal with because they did not get that good ,straight and fine hair white people have. Black people have come a long way with our hair just to be called nappy-headed. He might as well just said the N word. And hoe well hell we all know what that means it is not race specific but it is disrespectful its not something you would call your mother or someone you respected. And just to make things fair If Russ Parr (who has a national radio show and he is BLACK) had said look at that predominately white team after their game they are sweatty im sure they smell like wet dogs, or dog smelling hoes! Everyone would know he was not talking about the white players and that would have been equally ignorant. the more things like this that get down played the more racism we will have. if you feel a certain way about certain people just stay away instead of showing your ignorance.

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